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Aneka Rasa translated from Indonesian means “Various Taste”. The name originates from the fact that Indonesia consists of about 6000 islands. In every region the cuisine varies significantly and has many different influences –whether from India, the Middle East, China or Europe. The word “Rijsttafel” originates from Dutch, even though all the dishes served are undoubtedly Indonesian. During their presence in Indonesia, Dutch people introduced the rijsttafel or the so called rice table. The reason behind that was not only to enjoy variety of dishes at the same time but also to impress the coming visitors with the fascinating size of their colony. A rice table features a selection of dishes varying in flavors, colors, degree of spiciness and textures (crispy, chewy, soft, etc.). Usually the meals vary in number starting from 4 and sometimes reaching even 40.Our Rice Tables don’t make an exception of the above description. We offer three different rice tables, each of which consists of 14 small sample dishes nicely arranged on a warm réchaud (a metal instrument that keeps the food warm for certain period of time and allows you to enjoy your meal all evening).

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Damien Fleurisson en
Very nice spot in this dense area. The food was great and the tasting menus are amazing to try out different things that you know or don't know. The Aneka menu was the best, with so many different kinds of meat and sauce. The staff was very friendly and spoke English. GooglePlace - January 2018
Korok Sengupta en
We ordered the "aneka" rice table and it was good. However, the tastes always lingered on the sweeter note which I find it difficult when you want to put Indonesian platter. But it was good and worth visiting. GooglePlace - December 2017
Jack Sparrow en
Fast and professional service. Great atmosphere and mood. Mildly spice food not for people who dislike spicy food. GooglePlace - December 2017
Santhosh Kumar VR en
Expensive and if you want rice table you have to order minimum for 2 people. Small quantities and not so friendly staff. Bit disappointed. GooglePlace - October 2017
mercedes hong en
I was very excited to try this place. Unfortunately, this review will NOT tell you about the food. We got to the restaurant around 7:15pm. The place was very busy. We waited and watched 3 tables finish and leave. We watched one of the servers clear off all the tables. He comes up and asks us “how many?” We had 2 in our party. He then tells us “we are very busy. There are no tables.” We asked how long the wait was going to be and he says “no wait. No table” Really? My advice would be to go somewhere else. GooglePlace - October 2017