Bertram & Brood Cornelis Schuytstraat / Amsterdam

Cornelis Schuytstraat 36-40 Amsterdam 1071
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 07:00 - 17:00
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Vincent BLANCHARD en
It seems you are not welcome in this place if you are not Dutch the owner have a clearly different attitude. The owner have been just awful to us and her products can't be called "artisanal" just run away from this place. GooglePlace - September 2017
Thao Nguyen en
Trendy bakery with terrible customer service. It was a rainy & quiet day and we seemed to be the only tourists there. I paid €2.5 for a half filled cup of tea - burning hot, no sleeve. You could buy bread, sandwich... but no tissue either. We were served by a lady with brown curly hair wrapped in a bun. The way she held the bread with no gloves, the touched the money & coffee machine grossed me out a lot. We paid over €10 for 2 people and she literally threw 2 brown bags on top of the counter. Horrible! Horrible service! GooglePlace - September 2017
Alan Nance en
I have been a client since the granddaughter of Bakker Betram took over the shop. I think the Schwarzkorn bread is to die door. GooglePlace - August 2017
Anthony Maggio en
Great for morning croissants and cheese croissants Foursquare - August 2017
Magdalena Stemmer en
Shockingly rude personell. What a shame. I came in smiling, having a nice chitchat conversation with another customer and came out being in shock about what just happened there. I saw a nice looking sandwichspread i didn't recognise and asked what it was. 'It is pesto salade' the lady (short hair, in her late 40's) responded. When i asked if i could try it, she said that is not common, if everyone would do that everybody would want to try everything. Ok not really friendly but so far so good. She still handed me over a spoonfull of that salade, i thanked her. Then i tasted meat! And asked if there was chicken in it. Then she said off course you can not make a salade out of pesto alone. When i said: 'but what if i was a vegetarian?, 'you did not say that there was chicken it it', she just looked at me. Actually i am not a vegetarian but i think you just cannot treat a customer like that. Somebody needs to talk to her about customer service. GooglePlace - August 2017