Bord'eau Gastronomique / Amsterdam

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2 Amsterdam 1012 CP
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 12:00 - 14:30
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:30 - 22:30

Bord'Eau is een restaurant in Hotel de l'Europe in Amsterdam. Onder leiding van chef-kok Richard van Oostenbrugge kreeg Bord'Eau in de Michelingids voor 2013 een Michelinster en in die voor 2014 een tweede. GaultMillau riep de chef in de gids voor 2014 uit tot Chef van het Jaar en kende het restaurant vanaf de gids voor 2015 17,5 van de maximaal 20 punten toe.Chef-kok van het restaurant is Richard van Oostenbrugge. Van Oostenbrugge kwam in 2010 in Hotel de l'Europe werken als chef-kok van restaurant Excelsior. Vanwege een renovatie werd dit restaurant in 2011 gesloten waarna in 2012 Bord'Eau werd geopend.Zie ook Lijst van Nederlandse restaurants met een MichelinsterReferenties GaultMillaugids Nederland 2014

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Tips from the Net @ Bord'eau Gastronomique
YW en
So good, so so good. Foursquare - October 2017
Andres en
Been here 3 times before. Looking at the total bill and what it was when I visited the first time about 4 years ago, it has not excited me. For an average of €250 per person including wine, I expected better. Also the Heineken bar, part of the same hotel is not what it used to be. Young and unexperienced employees, but premium priced. GooglePlace - October 2017
TheMonkeyPhilosopher en
I used to think that spending considerable amounts of cash on eating out was decadent and wasteful. This may well be true but the food and service are just wonderful here and the tastes were just like one drug-type hit after another. I just never realised how much I would appreciate food of this quality. Now to stop being poor and become vastly rich and famous so I can do this more often. These people are food ninjas. Just perfect. GooglePlace - September 2017
Jaron L en
Skip this place. Instead, dine at Restaurant Vermeer. You'll be much happier. Foursquare - August 2017
Ashley Peschieri en
If you want to be ignored, head here! Not sure if they were just having a bad day or my family and I didn't fit the profile for their normal cliental. We ate outside which offered us a lovely view but the service was terrible. I am not sure who our waiter was because we had over 4 people come over to the table. Our drink order took over 20 minutes to fill because according to one of the waiters, "the bartender forgot about it." Our drinks were given to us on the house because of the confusion and length of time we had been waiting (that was nice). Then waited another 15 minutes and because no one came over, we had to ask the manager for someone to take our dinner order. Out of our group of five, two people ordered a salad and two people ordered the dim sum. Our fifth member ordered a salad and the dim sum. It took a long time for the food to come out. The three salads came out first and one basket of dim sum (9 little tiny pieces, the size of a chocolate truffle). The dim sum was placed by the member of our group who ordered both a salad and the dim sum. The other two group members did not have any food placed in front of them. The waiter walked away without giving us silverware. We had to wait longer for the silverware. Silverware was given to three of our members, those whose food had been delivered. The three of us ate because it was taking a long time for the rest of the food to be delivered. After a while, we inquired about the other food because it was too long. We felt that we should all be eating together. We were going to finish before the other two even received their meal. The manager came with another salad. We explained that these two had not ordered a salad, they had ordered dim sum. He was confused. He left. After some time, he came back and explained that the basket was for all the people who ordered dim sum. If this was the case, then why had our other two in the group not been given silverware. Also, that means that for three pieces of dim sum (very tiny little bite-size pieces) cost 8 euro. The salads were a normal size meal for just a little more than that (12 euro). How were we to know that the basket was not a meal on its own? We felt they should have communicated this. The waiter should have said that he put it all in one basket and he/she(again not sure who was our actual waiter) should have given everyone silverware to show that everyone's food had been brought out. Also, the other two should have had a plate. It would be hard to reach the basket from where each person was sitting to try to share it. In addition, their was sauce. It would be very difficult to reach, dip and not make a complete mess without a plate for the other two. The one girl thought it was for her alone. The portion size seemed correct for one person. Three of those teeny, tiny little pieces were ridiculously priced. We were waiting for two more meals. The staff was a mess. They were so confused. It was the worst service I have ever received at a restaurant. We joked about how they would not even noticed if we got up and left without paying. That is how little they payed attention to us while we were trying to receive service at this restaurant. We left hungry and annoyed. We would have never eaten there had we known what the experience would have been like for us that evening. I left no tip and did not feel ashamed about it. The one silver lining was that we had one nice young blonde boy (who you can tell was new) who tried really hard to help us out. When it came for the bill most of the wait staff and manager fled the area. I feel this was out of embarrassment. When we finally paid the bill, the waitress looked at the floor. She would not look at us. It was just an overall weird experience. GooglePlace - July 2017