Brandmeester's / Amsterdam

Van Baerlestraat 13 Amsterdam 1071 AM
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 08:30 - 18:00

Brandmeester’s [premium roasted coffee] wordt dagelijks zintuiglijk gebrand per ‘single origin’; elke soort op zijn eigen wijze en met zijn eigen brandprofiel, langzaam, in kleine hoeveelheden en met lucht gekoeld, zonder water. De espressomelanges bestaan voor 100% uit Arabicabonen en worden pas na het branden samengesteld. In het kleurenpalet van elke melange herkent u de toewijding van Brandmeester’s om het allerbeste uit elke ‘specialty coffee’ naar boven te halen, voor een topklasse koffie met karakter, complexiteit en nuance.

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Carlos Gley B. Costa en
Very good coffee Foursquare - January 2018
Norio Kobayashi en
*WARNING : Don't ever pull out your phone when you enter the store. Today, December 13 2017 around 9:15am not only couldn't place my order this morning, yet I've got kicked out from the store due to entering the store with I was on the phone. The staff (he claimed he's the owner of this company) was pointing finger at me giving me a lecture not allowed to order if you are on phone talking while entering the store. I go there quite often but I'd say good bye. Wish option to put negative stars. If you really are the owner of Brandmeesters as you claimed, then you need a serious training for customer services. GooglePlace - December 2017
Toll Waves en
Nice place! Had a good coffee there and the staff seems very knowledgeable about what they serve. GooglePlace - November 2017
Sol Ramos en
Great coffee, and excellent service! you can buy not only coffee to take there/to go but also coffee beans and a lot of supplies to brew your own coffee. GooglePlace - October 2017
Bas Wind en
Very OK coffee but extremely unfriendly staff. There are a lot of better options in the neighborhood! GooglePlace - October 2017