Brasserie Tot Zo! / Amsterdam

Jan Evertsenstraat 747 Amsterdam 1061 XZ
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 23:00
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Melissa van Hamelsveld nl
Vorige week wezen steengrillen. Er was een grote groep, waardoor de sfeer in het restaurant weg viel. We kregen een bak patat en een salade. De patat was goed, over de salade zat te veel dressing. Tien minuten later kregen we de 'steen' (een ijzeren plaat op een campinggasstel) en het vlees. Per persoon kreeg je twee stukjes kip die niet was schoongemaakt, één stukje aubergine, één stukje courgette, twee gamba's die ook niet waren schoongemaakt (en wat niet onze smaak is, maar dat terzijde) en drie stukjes biefstuk (op de biefstuk was verder niks aan te merken). Toen wij vroegen of er nog wat olie op het stuk ijzer moest hoefde dat niet. Er werd een beetje zout en peper op gedaan en that's it, met als gevolg dat er allemaal vlees aan de plaat bleef plakken. Het drinken en het personeel was wel goed. De chef deed wel onaardig tegen zijn personeel. Voor ons zeker niet voor herhaling vatbaar. GooglePlace - November 2016
B. T. en
No idea why it is not possible to give no stars! This older woman, all in black even black dyed frizzy hair, really has no manners. Scolding guest for not preparing enough before heading to the restaurant, asking them to leave the restaurant while searching for a solution for "Tot Zo's" problem, it's out of this world. Never never never never I've been treated this rudely by someone I don't even know. She should not work with people. I understand a person can have an off day, but her attitude and the way she spoke to us was beyond rude. I was so extremely tired because of all the personal tests I had these last days, that I did not even had the energy to point out to her that her attitude is so misplaced. She even send me to go back to the hospital to solve her problem. "NO SHE DID NOT!" YES... SHE DID! We were so hungry and tired of the busy morning we had, my sister coming all the way from the south to accompany me, that we left the restaurant as she requested. Wandering outside to look for a solution (where to print the voucher, yes. This was the problem. I emailed it because I could not print it at home and between appointments there was no time to do so. I tried to call them several times the days before, but no answer. Little did I know I would be treated like this.) Eventually my sister decided that we took our tired and hungry selves elsewhere, where people do care about their guests and are happy and friendly. To the rude lady: my advice for you, as the face of "Tot Zo", get rid of the attitude and take a few class of "how to handle and talk to guests". As a hostess it's your job for making people feel at home. Not to show them the door for something that is your problem and not theirs. Eventually we had a delicious lunch elsewhere (Looiedet, coffee and toast, a few minutes up the street) and you sold nothing. Hope you'll find a job which suits you better, or there will be no guests left for "Tot Zo" to serve. GooglePlace - August 2016
Wayne Gibbins en
Service is slow - c.45 mins to get basic lunch even at quiet times but other than that it's ok and next door to our office Foursquare - June 2016
Brian Hannon en
Nice open space. I'll bet it's a great place for a casual dinner or borrel. We had the mini-high-tea, which was nice and tasty, even if it felt a bit pre-packaged rather than authentic. GooglePlace - May 2016
Rob Toke en
Worst service possible. Waiting times for a simple sandwich are 45 min and they give you the impression that they are a michelin star restaurant. GooglePlace - October 2015