Bravi Ragazzi / Amsterdam

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Tanja Tedda en
What a trash service and worst pricy mohito ever! No mint or sugar taste, just rum and soda taste. Complained to the server and the bartender came back with the drink with broken pride and asked me again what was wrong whit the drink, with attitude in his woice. GooglePlace - November 2017
Dillon, you son of a bitch! en
Buy the alcohol free Amstel beer with lemon! You will love it! GooglePlace - October 2017
Very sad that such a beautifull place has so disgraceful waiters, not even looking at the clients, not doin their job at all serving dirty plates and all the plates st the same place not taking care of giving to each client it's own plate. It's litteraly a shame, pure example of places that just take adventage of moving tourists. GooglePlace - September 2017
Paul Hughes en
Average to poor pizza and red wine fresh from the freezer. Service is slow. You'll probably always be able to get served if you need something to eat but I'd not go back a 2nd time. GooglePlace - August 2017
Heather Jenkins en
You may die of starvation waiting for service. I went to the bathroom when we first got seated, so I wasn't ready when the server came to take our drink order. When the server dropped off my friend's beer, she didn't stop to take my order. My friend had completely finished her beer (which wasn't even severed completely full)and we sat waiting with the empty glass for quite while before the server came back. Once we ordered food, it came out quite fast, which probably means the kitchen staff is fairly competent. The food itself was lackluster. The pasta I had was okay, but definitely not fresh. There also wasn't very much of it. Definitely not worth the 14 Euros it was priced at. We had to ask for the check twice before it was slowly brought over. The restaurant was certainly not busy, and they seemed to have plenty of wait staff. We noticed that the group sitting behind us left after they had their drinks because they couldn't stand waiting to order food any longer. So it wasn't just me. I'm not sure what their issue is. The best part of this place is that it's quite close to several waffle places where you can go to fill up after your unsatisfying dinner. GooglePlace - April 2017