Café Vrijdag / Amsterdam

Amsteldijk 137 Vrijheidslaan Amsterdam 1079 LE
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 10:00 - 00:10
Fri, Sat 10:00 - 00:30

Op de hoek van de Vrijheidslaan en de Amsteldijk komt Cafe Vrijdag! Een eigentijds buurt cafe-restaurant met voor ieder wat wils. Ontbijt, lunch, diner, borrel in een warme omgeving. Ook groepen zijn welkom! We hebben hiervoor een aparte ruimte.

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Tips from the Net @ Café Vrijdag
Coby Babani en
Very nice place, just a bit too posh for me I think. Comfortable, Rich menu for both food and drinks. The staff are really cool, all young and energetic. The place is very popular it seems, and I was there on Tuesday evening, it was buzzing with people having a good time. Mind that this was my first time there. It was also quite noisy, both popularity and music contributed to this fact. For us, who wanted to talk four of us, the noise was a bit too high. GooglePlace - September 2017
elcontes en
Arrived, Waited for 10 min and no one taking my order, then I went inside and ordered by myself. Ask for water, water never arrived. Asked a salad with avocado, and of course no avocado ( that never arrived even when asked again). And btw two of us came home with stomach ache after eating the chicken in the salad. Guys, I understand that is Sunday morning, but wake up. Terrible experience. GooglePlace - July 2017
Pepijn Moogoojinna en
Lively and relax at the same time. Wonderful staff. Foursquare - July 2017
G.A. van Es en
Actually, I really like the place: beautiful terrace and friendly staff. But, I'm critical and sometimes I just sit there, and no staffer appears. And then I go, with some chagrin. GooglePlace - May 2017
Andrea Simonetti en
I decided to give this place a second chance after an horrible first time (some six months before) due to long waiting and poorly cooked food. My bad. We got in and sat, a waiter came rather quickly asking if she could help. I said that we'd like to eat and she responded "no, what would you like to drink". Ok, fair enough but not exactly a good start considering the precedents. After she got us our drinks she disappeared leaving us without chance to order the food. After about 20 minutes one of us departs in search of a waiter and orders for the 3 of us on the fly: three burgers with fries, one *very* well done. Despite the fact that it took them about 30 more minutes to bring us the food (place not even half full) my colleague's burger was raw (as in: pink) just like our own. To add insult to damage, the burgers were not really warm and the bread was wet at the bottom, probably because they had been left on the kitchen counter for ages. Never again. GooglePlace - April 2017