Carne Argentina / Amsterdam

Damstraat 21 Amsterdam 1012 JL
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Dale Marcon en
Great food and service, the chimichurri was a highlight. GooglePlace - August 2017
MAXIM Holland Nederland en
Nice people good coffee 😊 GooglePlace - August 2017
Jason Brooks en
Good steak if not a bit smaller than others we had at a similar price. Friendly staff. GooglePlace - May 2017
David Hernandez en
The food was decent, folks that stand in the front who explain the menu to you were polite, order came out quick, and the place was clean. My issue here is I was asked how many plates I wanted because it was a sharable order and there were 3 of us. Originally we only wanted two but the third person had changed their mind and decided to join us. When I asked for a third plate I was snapped at like I was the first person in the history of restaurants and eating out to have changed their mind. I'd be a little more understanding if it were a busy night but the place was near empty and it was just an additional plate with no change to the order whatsoever. I don't know who would enjoy being snapped at right before a meal so it kind put a damper on my dining experience there. GooglePlace - April 2017
Gian Kaufmann en
Very bad and unfriendly service.. we wanted to order fries and chicken wings because we weren't that hungry..but the waiter told us : you can eat fries anywhere else this a steakhouse to eat a proper steak. What's the point of treating the customers that bad ?? I mean if it's on the card, i can order it ? I woud not recommend this restaurant to anyone because of the staff.. Food might be good but i can't rate that because we left immediately... GooglePlace - January 2017