Casablanca Variété / Amsterdam

Opening Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 20:00 - 03:00
Fri, Sat 20:00 - 04:00

Di- Woe van 17.00-01.00 uur Do, Vrij, Zat van 12.00-01.00 uur

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Tips from the Net @ Casablanca Variété
María Mallol en
Unbelievably rude personnel, specially the man in charge of playing the songs. They all seem to hate their jobs and their customers. Go somewhere else! GooglePlace - February 2018
Сергей Кюне en
Gives perception of closed place for locals. They have really limited set of songs, most of which are quite old. Surprisingly quality of sound is so much better than in any other karaoke I've been in Amsterdam. GooglePlace - January 2018
Dieuwke Kluvers en
You need to be drunk to really appreciate this place 🙃 GooglePlace - December 2017
Kees Helder en
Smack in the middle of the red light district there's a small bar which gives you the possibility to sing horribly to the lyrics of the song you please. Juet don't think when you pick a song you'll be singing it to all the people within 15min. Everbody wants to sing and has a specific wish. Don't expect you tp be in front of them GooglePlace - December 2017
Philip Minderhoud en
Great karaoke place, many locals. It's one of those places where you still can really get some stage time and practice your singing skills, or sing along with the crowd and have fun. Place is run by real Amsterdam folks, so expect Dutch straightforwardness and humor thrown at you. DJ is no expectation. He is honest and straightforward. -If you go on stage and give it your best shot (regardless of your skilllevel), you will likely get an applause. -go on stage, not really carrying, singing in the air instead of the mic, or too busy with taking selfies, expect to get a funny comment at the end of your performance. Don't shoot the DJ, he is just saying what the whole bar was thinking anyway. -try to destroy people's ears and break the equipment in a drunken madness, he will throw you of stage and likely out the bar, and rightfully so. Because this is exactly what keeps this place a place where sincere singers get what they deserve. So go here: -If you like to perform on stage and enjoy karaoke -Enjoy party and sing along with others -Want to meet a lot of singing Dutch, learn Dutch song and experience a real ancient Amsterdam bar that survived the ongoing tourist boom. Don't go: -If you are drunk and just want to trash -if don't come for a drink but just stand in the middle of the crowd with jackets on, not fun for anyone. -if your large ego is not resitant to some Amsterdam straightforward comments, which is often reflecting what the whole bar was thinking anyway. GooglePlace - October 2017