De Culinaire Werkplaats / Amsterdam

Fannius Scholtenstraat 10HS Amsterdam 1051 EX
Opening Hours
Sun 13:00 - 21:00
Thu, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 23:00

de culinaire werkplaats is an amsterdam based design studio, eating spot and art space for contemporary food concepts, food narratives and eat'inspirations at the intersection of food, art + design. it's the brainchild of marjolein wintjes (food conceptualist, storyteller) & eric meursing (3d designer, professional chef). with all their works and project they inspire you to re-think in a very playful way the future and the dinner plate of the future in particular. on which for the meat and the fish component there will be less dominant space available. this implies that on tomorrow’s dinnerplate there will be more space available for new ingredients, combinations, textures, tastes, and… even new ways of eating. their creative perspective is guided by inspirational concepts, like black, emotions, memories, et cetera. several days a week the studio open its doors and can you make reservation for a so-called eat'inspiration. this is a theme-based journey in 5 or 7 courses, and is preceded by a sneak preview (a bite that reveals something of the inspirational theme). reservations required, because of limited seats. de culinaire werkplaats is een ontwerpstudio, eetgelegenheid en art space voor eigentijdse eetconcepten, eetverhalen en eetinspiraties, die zich veelal afspelen op het snijvlak van eten & kunst. dit eigenzinnige eetinitiatief is in de wereld gezet door eric meursing (3d designer, chef) en marjolein wintjes (food conceptualist, storyteller). met hun werk en projecten willen marjolein en eric jou inspireren om op 'n hele speelse manier naar de toekomst te kijken, en met name naar 't bord van de toekomst, waarop volgens hen voor de vis en de vleescomponent 'n steeds minder prominente rol is weggelegd. zij zijn op zoek naar nieuwe smaken, texturen, combinaties, en nieuwe manieren van eten. hun hoofdrolspelers hierbij zijn groenten, fruit en bijzondere granen. eric en marjolein werken aan de hand van steeds wisselende inspiratiebronnen, zoals zwart, hollandse landschappen of architectuur. 'n aantal dagen per week zetten zij de deur open van hun studio en kun je reserveren om aan te schuiven voor 'n zogenaamde eetinspiratie. dit is een soort thema wandeling in 5 of 7 gangen, altijd voorafgegaan door een sneak preview. reserveren noodzakelijk, gezien het beperkte aantal zitplaatsen.

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Tips from the Net @ De Culinaire Werkplaats
Alexandar Stefanov Nikolov en
It was memorable evening. The food itself was delicious, and the serving styles were innovative and thoughtful. Since each dish sends a message from a theme, it really makes you contemplate your food and think before, during and after you eat it. In a way, you eat with all of your senses. I recommend this place. GooglePlace - November 2017
Howard Shore en
Unique eating experience. Not necessarily the tastiest food ever but for food at and a story behind every dish, this place can't be beaten. Plus with every dish being vegetarian you won't find another restaurant like it. GooglePlace - June 2017
Andrew Ulbrich en
A really cool dining experience and great food. It was very thoughtful and memorable. GooglePlace - April 2017
Ari Tómasson en
Like a great class in food philosophy, but also a culinary Tour de France - leading one to exciting and delicious destinations. Foursquare - March 2017
Daniela Wittek en
The Staff was really friendly, they respected my food allergies and made special preparations. We liked to participate in preparing our desert. It was a great experience. We will definitely come back. GooglePlace - September 2016