De Pannenkoekenboot / Amsterdam

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39 Amsterdam 1033 RC
Tips from the Net @ De Pannenkoekenboot
Bertrand BONNETY en
Really nice. Kids loved it. Me too. GooglePlace - October 2017
allard jaager, de en
They made one batch of pancakes, so later in the trip these were stonecold in advance asked for vegan options "yes, no problem" however when we asked again during self service dinner, they replied that they were not informed about this, so that ment no food for the vegan. the only nice thing was the playground for the kids. One room filled with balls where kid can dive and swim GooglePlace - October 2017
Jana Summers en
A different kind of boat cruise! Cruise along the IJ while chowing down on delicious pancakes. All you can eat selection of plain, cheese and bacon pancakes with a great choice of savoury and sweet toppings! Also with a ball pit for kids to channel their energy from their sugar high. GooglePlace - August 2017
eylem ezgi bektas en
BEST BOAT TRIP EVER! Worth every cent and it was extremely satisfying! There were both sweat and salty with bacon pancake. It gives high quality service and awesome experience. GooglePlace - August 2017
Hilco Klinkert en
Our second time on board, and we enjoyed it just as much as the first time. The manager and staff are very friendly and put children first. Great activity for a mixed group including toddlers. Just remember to look outside once in a while ;-) so you can see big cruiseships, other gigantic ocean vessels, or the unique "REM island". GooglePlace - July 2017