De Pannenkoekenboot / Amsterdam

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39 Amsterdam 1033 RC
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Tony van Maanenberg en
Value for money, do the 2.5 hour cruise and get fed and dessert as well. See some hidden areas and beautiful woonbotten. Better value than a one hour canal cruise. Get the free ferry from Amsterdam to the Pannekoeken boat and back again, bonus free cruise each way. Very attentive staff and great tastes. GooglePlace - June 2017
Viktor en
Great combination of sightseeing, tasty food and friendly staff. Beware of the children, though! We went there on their last cruise of the day (17:45/5:45 pm) without reservation. Arrived there about 20 mins before departure and didn't have to do any waiting. The friendly staff showed us our table and shortly after the cruise began and they finished a little introductory speech, the first pancakes where free to eat. It was a good thing the staff "invited" each table individually to start the feast because that way there was no traffic jam at the buffet. The pancakes (3 kinds: plain, with apple, with bacon) where each on a single plate and we had to stand up, get them from the cupboard and then proceed to the buffet where the toppings (cheese, sausage, ham, chocolate, smarties, yams, cinnamon, lots of other sweet and savoury stuff) had to be chosen. The ship was not completely full and the kitchen did their best to cover our needs but sometimes people had to wait, especially the plain ones where in great demand (couldn't really understand why, the bacon and apple ones where delicious). A dedicated eater like me can still manage to eat 5 to 6 of them. Very satisfying. The drinks include the standards but the prices where rather high (4,5€ for a 0,5l beer). But considering the very fair price for the cruise and the food, we happily paid the beer. Also, other places around town aren't much cheaper anyways. The only downsides lie in the nature of the whole thing: the buffet tends to be crowded. Also, the lower deck includes a ball pit which is great for children but rather annoying for non-children. Also, there was no explanation as to what we were seeing outside the window, so don't expect a proper guided sightseeing tour. You're gonna be busy eating anyway ;) To sum it up: nice cruise, nice staff, tasty food. The noisy environment and the waiting are made up for by the great price. If you have children, I'd say it's perfect for you. GooglePlace - March 2017
Nina en
The pancakes aren't tasty and the toppings aren't either. They could use some help in making it a nice place. There was no nice music, no nice lighting. The boat tour was okay and the people were very kind. GooglePlace - March 2017
Michelle Fisher en
Delicious swedish pancakes. Nice boat cruise but not a guided tour. Boat staff mainly conversed in Dutch only but were willing to answer questions in English. GooglePlace - January 2017
Louise Drake en
Fantastic way to see the marina. All you can eat pancakes whilst cursing the marina. It's great to cross over to the shipyard area of Amsterdam where the boat leaves from, amazing graffiti GooglePlace - November 2016