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Elegance, tradition and hospitality. These are the ingredients of one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants, de Silveren Spiegel (the Silver Mirror). The restaurant dates from the Dutch Golden Age, the 17th century, and has never been more renowned for its delicate approach to traditional Dutch cuisine, than under the present ownership of Francesca and Jim van der Hoff. You may dine here gracefully in the style of centuries of tradition and in tune with the cycles of the season. If you so chose, you can be served in one of our four private (and very historically intact) dining rooms. In summer, many guests enjoy sitting outside, at the tables erected in front of the façade, just for the sake of the wondrous delights of our cuisine. Make sure not to miss the since 1614 famous gables of de Silveren Spiegel, and try the

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Felix Beuster en
Very nice restaurant with a lot of history. While the place and the food seem to be a bit more upscale, we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in this cozy place. We opted for the 7 course dinner, which took us 3.5 hours in total but every single one of the course was worth it and delicious. GooglePlace - June 2017
Roland Simons en
One of the best restaurants I have been. Service, food and especially the ambiance were unforgettable. The building from 1614 leans almost 5 degrees and needed some emergency support in 2016. For high-end dining absolutely recommendable. GooglePlace - May 2017
Matthew Dansereau en
Looks like a really cool place unfortunately we were sent on our way because "there were no tables" with more than an hour left before closing. Perhaps that was the case but I literally was looked up and down by the waiter before he returned. I was left with the feeling this place required a dress code. Again maybe I am entirely wrong on how I read our interaction. Looked like a really cool place to eat. My suggestion to anyone thinking of going is to get reservations and maybe dress up a bit. GooglePlace - May 2017
Annie Malinee en
Bad service treated for walk in guest. I have been to so many fine dining restaurants around the world. The treat we got was poorly below fine-dining standard from someone who looks like the manager of the restaurant. GooglePlace - May 2017
Laura Baker en
Very rude to their customers. I went in to eat tonight and the hostess gave me a nasty look and looked me up and down. I told her she was being rude and she got defensive so I started to leave and she chased me out screaming at me like a crazy person. Certainly not what I would expect from a nice restaurant haha. GooglePlace - April 2017