Drover's Dog / Amsterdam

Heemstedestraat 25 Woestduinstraat Amsterdam 1059 CX
+31 20 669 2233
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Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 23:00
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Tips from the Net @ Drover's dog
FJ van Oosterom en
Had a great kangaroo steak here last wednesday. It was amazing (tender and grilled perfectly), I would recommend it too anyone. The beers are also great (especially ice-cold when the weather is hot). The inside has a nice atmosphere and there is enough space, the terrace looked lovely (but there is a lot of sound from the street. All and all we had a good evening for a fair price! GooglePlace - June 2017
Werner Huijboom en
Wow, how has quality gone down the past years. Seriously, a salad with a lot of lettuce and just some grated beet root for € 10,-. Extremely disappointed. Used to be a great place a few years ago. GooglePlace - June 2017
Paul Masters en
Corn fritters were amazing! Card only no cash :) Foursquare - June 2017
Sarah Yu en
My boyfriend and I just moved to the neighborhood and decided to check out this place which looked cute and cozy. The restaurant is very nice and has great ambiance. The staff was very warm and friendly. We decided to have dinner here and I was excited to try out the vegan burger since the description was quite nice and my boyfriend ordered the duck special. I didn't like the taste of my burger which was 15 euro - I thought it lacked flavor and too expensive for the quality. My boyfriend ordered an 18 euro duck plate which was very small in portion (2 slices of duck) with a salad, but the quality was great. I wouldn't recommend this place for dinner, but better for snacks and drinks. GooglePlace - May 2017
Mikey K en
The atmosphere with the patio on a nice day is incredible as well as the decor inside. I came for breakfast and saw some dishes that looked rather appetizing. Asked if I could substitute scrambled eggs for scrambled because I don't like poached or fried eggs and was told that it could not be possible because the kitchen did not have the right ingredients to be set up to make them. Completely shocked as I sat there on the patio, "you don't have the right ingredients, "so your chef can't crack an egg on the flattop or pan and scramble an egg, seriously?!?" Hey Gordon Ramsey, should the chef even be allowed in the kitchen if he or she can't even make the simplest of substitutes?!? I can't stand when kitchens make excuses and are lazy, it's not like I requested them to make something completely out of the question for a skilled professionally experienced chef, sous chef, line cook etc could not be able to make (it's not like the restaurant was even in the weeds with being super busy). I ended up ordering a substitute that was good but not at all what I wanted, disatisfied is putting it extremely lightly. Do not go here with the intention of getting what you would like within reason, the kitchen is uncompromising and lazy. The waitstaff was very friendly and the only reason to come here. GooglePlace - April 2017