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Hannie Dankbaarpassage 16 Hannie Dankbaarpassage 16 Amsterdam 1053 AT
+31 6 29265037
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 23:30
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:10

WTF? Where’s the food? Well, at the Foodhallen of course. Inspired by indoor markets like the ‘Torvehallerne’ in Copenhagen, ‘Mercado de San Miguel’ in Madrid and ‘Borough Market’ in London, the Foodhallen opened its doors in 2014 as the Dutch equivalent of these havens of flavour. A new trend took off in Amsterdam, leading to the opening of indoor markets across the country. But The Foodhallen wasn’t a fleeting trend; it became a prime pit stop for local food lovers and those foodies on a city trip. The Foodhallen is the home of 21 food stands and 4 bars. City dwellers wander through the former tram depot, devouring a fresh hand roll, taco or Bao bun. Tourists discover Dutch culinary heritage with some ‘bitterballen’ and a glass of beer. While bloody delicious burgers sizzle on the grill, a bartender mixes a creative G&T with mango and red pepper, and the smell of traditional Indian street food drifts through the space. Whatever you may choose, all dishes come with a buzzing vibe on the side. Food concepts at The Foodhallen: - Baowowow - Bulls&Dogs - De Ballenbar - Fento - L’Entrecôte Mobile - Jabugo Bar Iberico - Maza - Meneer Temaki - Le Big Fish - SHIRKHAN - THE BUTCHER - The Rough Kitchen - Vîet View - Petit Gâteau - Padron - Pita - Taqueria Lima - DimsumThing - Renato’s - Hungry Dane - Yoghurt Barn Food stands are guaranteed open for service until 20.00 during the week and 21.00 in the weekend, but are free to extend service when the crowd just doesn’t want to leave. Who could blame them? The building of the Foodhallen features a large parking lot and bike storage. The food market is also easily accessible by public transport (tram stops Bilderdijkstraat, Kinkerstraat or Ten Katemarkt) as well as by bike.

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Blogger Reviews @ Foodhallen Amsterdam
Foodhallen – One choice is never enough…
Foodhallen – One choice is never enough… Image by Shawn Ruth van Heuckelum Almost every fancy city in the world has one, and now Amsterdam has one as well: an indoor food market! If you don’t know what to eat or what to ... continue Amsterdam Spotted by Locals · Blog
Tips from the Net @ Foodhallen Amsterdam
Marcel Petit dit de la Roche en
Typical oriental food courts in Amsterdam. You can enjoy your whole day here.. Having a beer or coffee/thee, a good meal and afterwards going to the movie. We tried a Dutch food stall and a Mexican. Topper! GooglePlace - January 2018
Chris Thurber en
Definitely a must visit in Amsterdam! Excellent food, good beer, and an interesting atmosphere! Bring your apatite because you'll want to sample ever food stand! El pastor tacos were amazing! GooglePlace - January 2018
Travis Hatridge en
Good food and a nice enjoyable experience to have the hawker stall style of typically Asian countries but in the indoor setting required by Dutch weather. Unfortunately, the prices can be quite high, sometimes leaving you with the feeling that you spent 10 euros on something that took 3 bites to eat. But then again what else could you expect from Amsterdam. Gets insanely busy during the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. GooglePlace - January 2018
Alexandre Da Silva en
We had pulled pork sandwich which was quickly served and Thaï food but that last was way too long to be served while there were 4 people in the cabin making food... However both dishes were great. We had to wait some time to find a seat in order to eat our meals which at the end started to be frustrating... It's worth stopping by if you are hungry but make sure you are able to sit somewhere 😉 GooglePlace - December 2017
Cameron Savage en
How cool! So many delicious food carts plus a craft beer cart and gin+tonic bar (all inside a beautiful and lively indoor hall). There are some neat shops (and I think a movie theater) in other parts of the building. GooglePlace - December 2017