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Hannie Dankbaarpassage 16 Hannie Dankbaarpassage 16 Amsterdam 1053 AT
+31 6 29265037
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Foodhallen – One choice is never enough…
Foodhallen – One choice is never enough… Image by Shawn Ruth van Heuckelum Almost every fancy city in the world has one, and now Amsterdam has one as well: an indoor food market! If you don’t know what to eat or what to ... continue Amsterdam Spotted by Locals · Blog
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Stephen Sakuma en
For a tourist, this is definitely the coolest place to eat in Amsterdam! I really like the Gin and Tonic bars in the center aisle of the hall and the various food places along the sides. I had some iberian cuts of meat that were fantastic and sat at a long table with some friendly other people. My only complaint is that it is crazy packed... but that is what makes it cool I guess! GooglePlace - July 2017
Joanna Konarzewski en
We hail from Helsinki~ so in general, food is cheaper in Amsterdam than back home. So this place, for the portions, I think, is well priced. There is SO much to choose from, anything you could have a hankering for (and perhaps something new to try!) is here. The cooks and staff are great, the food is DELICIOUS, the atmosphere is super relaxed and the hall is spacious and open. We ended up here multiple times, and we'll be back on our next visit as well. Highly recommended, either for a snack, a sweet tooth fix, a drink or a meal. Love love love ❤ GooglePlace - July 2017
Frances Italia en
Very cool place to eat and drink. They have a variety of bars depending on what you like and food for everyone. We had the vegetarian nachos, Spanish ham board and waffle ice-cream; all of which were delicious. Some places only take cash and some only card but there is an ATM onsite so you can get money out if you need. GooglePlace - June 2017
Christianne van der Sluis en
Recommended by time out, my tourist friend and I went to explore this location. Lots of different and artisan foods available made it fun to walk up and down a few times before deciding what to try. The beers were served ice cold which was a prerequisite in this heat. The only downside is that a lot of places expected cash payment so we either had to walk back a bit to get cash out, or order at the next best stand that would accept cards - we took the second option. I'm guessing some business is lost here? Nevertheless, the drinks and food were good, no regrets there. GooglePlace - June 2017
Sarumane San en
Give 3 for meets expectations, 4 for exceeds and 5 for exceptional. Best Sui Mai I've eaten in a long time. All other food good to great. Food & drinks could be more competitively priced as a captive audience, but it isn't ridiculous. People might buy more if a bit cheaper, they could shave a euro off here and there! In market outside one of the stalls has olives, stuffed peppers and lots of nice stuff. Well worth the visit and will return. GooglePlace - May 2017