Green House Kitchen / Amsterdam

Haarlemmerstraat 62 Amsterdam 1013 ET
+31 20 723 2269
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 01:00
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Tips from the Net @ green house kitchen
Colin Sage en
Good food good value great service pleasant staff. GooglePlace - November 2017
Stephen Richard Boyle en
Brilliant Breakfast. Popped into this place for breakfast before we had to drive home, the whole place was clean, the food was excellent, the service was quick, trendy decor and style. I really enjoyed it. GooglePlace - October 2017
Stephen Jurgella en
It's very unfortunate that this happened, because I had high hopes, but it is what it is. Ordered the Lamb, they were out, no biggie. They pushed me to the Ribeye in which was my second choice anyways. As the waiter was leaving, he politely asked what temperature? I asked for Medium Rare + or at the worst, Medium. Came back about as well done as possible. Waiter came over and acknowledged it which was kind of him. It was an amazing cut of meet and was just tortured. If you pay $20 Euro for a cut of 200gr or meat, it better not be messed up. Thanks for taking my cocktail off my bill at least. GooglePlace - September 2017
Ansel Diama en
"This place is owned by the daughter of the man who owns the greenhouse coffee shop right next door to establishment. She wanted to integrate the acceptance of herb being to further compliment her culinary skills to her customers. The restaurant is always packed and the food is the reason, I love this place. Very good concept." - Ansel Ponce Diama GooglePlace - July 2017
Marketing4Everyone en
Went there today and ordered a salad with no dressing as i'm allergic to Gluten. The salad comes with some bread on top, so i politely explained that i couldn't eat it and would get very sick if i did. I said i was happy to pay for another salad and asked if they could make me another one. Bad decision. The waitress told me I should have told them I didn't want bread and rudely said she would get the manager... the manager came out and was so rude, even after i told them i would pay for another one. I was shocked at how rude they were, when all i did was politely ask for another salad. GooglePlace - June 2017