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Haarlemmerstraat 12 Amsterdam 1013 ER
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Jay Garrido (1957) born in Aruba, lineal descendant of the Indian tribe the Arawak. As soon as he got his passport, he flew to the Netherlands. His wild nature made the boring jobs impossible for him and soon he got involved in drugs, alcohol and crime. He walked that path for more than 20 years. At his lowest ebb, 130 kilo and totally hooked, Jay received a vision. His deceased grandmother appeared, brought him to her world and showed him a white feather. In the days that followed he went looking for that white feather. After three days non-stop searching, almost crazy, he found it. It came from a big white rooster. Standing eye to eye with the rooster, he saw as in a mirror his infinite inner power. From that moment on his life transformed. After kicking the habit and detoxing with juices, he decided to make the juices his lifework. In the year 2000 he opened with the doors of Jay's Juices also his green heart. Since then, many people have been inspired on an inimitable way by this eccentric Indian.

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Blogger Reviews @ Jay's Juices
Jay’s Juices – Vitamins and friendliness overload
Jay’s Juices – Vitamins and friendliness overload When in the area, I always try to hop by this itsy-bitsy juice bar right at the start of the Jordaan district. At first only to gain some vitamins (since I lived right around the co ... continue Amsterdam Spotted by Locals · Blog
Tips from the Net @ Jay's Juices
Lucrezia Scarfo en
The owner is friendly and super funny, awesome and fresh juices, the choice is huge :) GooglePlace - August 2017
Damien Sawers en
Come here if you have a hangover, smoked to much or just needing a refreshment. Something there for everyone. JAY is a top guy. GooglePlace - August 2017
Bill Strange en
Come for the Juices and get some wisdom from Jay it will make your day! GooglePlace - March 2017
Martijn de Vos en
Jay is a wonderful man with the best freshly made juices in town. He has a Caribbean vibe in his store and is always happy. Try his pure ginger shots! GooglePlace - December 2016
Yann Person fr
Très bons jus de fruits faits à la demande ! Foursquare - June 2016