Kohinoor Indian Restaurant / Amsterdam

Rokin 18HS Amsterdam 1012 KR
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 23:30
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Roopali Salian en
Excellent Indian food. Staff was friendly. Food portion was also good with lots qnd lots of rice with main dish. Trams and buses are also close to this place. GooglePlace - September 2017
eshan trisal en
Was there around three months before, I still remember the amazing hospitality I received. I have to say the food was authentic Indian meal (Punjabi). Loved the taste. Don't expect much at the places in terms of interiors or space and it is a little bit above average on cost side too. But for good food those things don't matter. GooglePlace - September 2017
Wandering Rhino en
I ordered take away and had a very pleasant experience with the staff there and really enjoyed the grub good portion sizes couldn't criticize it. Only reason 4 stars because I took away and cannot comment about sitting in but my whole experience I will be ordering again and look forward to sitting in one day if I find a friend. After having used this restaurant now multiple times I must say it is worth a 5 star edit. Great friendly staff and good indian lekker grub. Take out is cheaper too and big portions. Thanks!! GooglePlace - August 2017
Arthur D en
I was shocked by the degree of rudeness I was treated with at this place--I was actually treated like I was a piece of garbage by the arrogant waitress who thought she was right about something she wasn't right about. Initially, the service was cold but fine--nothing to really complain about. Then the bill came and I realized they charged me for a piece of naan bread I didn't order. When the bread came with my meal, I simply thought it was part of the meal. I didn't realize they actually charged me for it. When I brought this to the attention of my waitress, she argued with me that I HAD indeed ordered it and that I pointed it out to her. Guess what, I DIDN'T order it and clearly she misunderstood. Then she proceeded to ask, "Why didn't you let me know, then? Why did you eat the bread?" Guess what, lady, I had no idea that you messed up and brought me something I didn't order; I simply thought it was part of the meal. YOUR fault, not mine. But instead of apologizing, the waitress remained very defensive and after she ran my card through the card reader (yes, she took off the bread charge), she simply walked away (more like stormed away) without saying a word. I never even signed the bill, meaning technically I didn't authorize the transaction. The thing that bothers me the most is that I did absolutely nothing to warrant this kind of treatment. I was nice to this lady and to everyone else inside the restaurant. I simply didn't want to be charged for something I didn't order. But what I got was belligerence at the hands of a woman with a very bad attitude. It amazes me that a person can treat me--a paying customer--like this and not have it on her conscience. Avoid this establishment--clearly they don't value their customers and don't behave humanely toward them. Additionally, this definitely wasn't the most delicious Indian food I've ever had. It wasn't bad, but I've definitely had better. I'm sure better Indian places exist in Amsterdam (though this place was reasonably priced). GooglePlace - July 2017
Gaya Kolkata en
Probably the nicest waiters in whole Amsterdam. Really friendly and the owner gave us good advices on what to take. The food was very tasty. The water tasted really refreshing and clean. Loved it! I gave up on my life but this restaurant gave me hope. Though I need to be fair and say I was a little offended by one of the pictures near the entrance as the woman was barely dressed. The rest was perfect. Really recommend eating here. Trust me I'm a real Indian Food expert. GooglePlace - March 2017