Lloyd Café Restaurant / Amsterdam

Oostelijke Handelskade 34 Amsterdam 1019 BN
+31 20 561 3636
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Tips from the Net @ Lloyd Café - Restaurant
Victoria Bdlm en
The location is OK (near the tram stop, only 10/15 min. needed to go to central station). Unfortunately I had greater expectations for a 96e room (the mattresses are way too soft! There's a lot of light in the room because the curtains aren't large enough. The bathroom smelled like pee. No soap in the toilet and neither in the shower, how are you supposed to wash your hands?). The staff was nice though and we were able to leave our luggage at the hotel for the day. Honestly you should lower your prices. Family had a larger room, and it worth the price. GooglePlace - July 2017
Loes Janssen en
Very creative and unique hotel. Every room is different and has a beautiful design. We got a guiding by a lovely and energetic girl who really knew everything! Very impressed. GooglePlace - June 2017
Danny Kelly en
We had room 6. Underground room. Pretty cool? Right? Well it was cooler down there which was nice because it had been such a hot weekend. Anyway. The room's design was a bit odd but not bad. It was kinda neat, we thought, something different. Even now I can't knock it for being unique. It was cool and we felt real trendy. Sadly though, as soon as we came back from a day of adventures in the city we realised our mistake. OK. The bathroom being basically in the same room as your bed meant showers made the whole room so steamy and hot it was horrible trying to sleep. The next issue was the ultra thin curtains meant all of the light from the street came beaming in all night. Remember we are in the basement so street lights came right in. It was basically as bright as early dusk all night long. This was exacerbated by the fact that a nightclub or pub or whatever the hell it was played thumping music until way past 1am on a freaking Monday night! So it's nearly 2am and its bright as daytime, everything is kinda damp from the shower, and the punters from the nearby pub are laughing and shouting a joking by our window, all with a background of thumping bass. Long story short. Looks nice to hang out in. Looks nice in pictures but our room was actually a full on nightmare to sleep in. Now i understand that no two room's are the same design in this hotel? Maybe we got unlucky but I had a bad night for sure. GooglePlace - May 2017
Jack Lammerts en
Absolutely beautiful hotel and cultural center close to the central station of Amsterdam. The building has a long and diverse history. Started out as an hotel for emigrants leaving the Netherlands via the Lloyd shipping line, later on it was used as a refugee shelter, a prison and an artistic center. Every hallway, corner and room breathes this history. The hotel is billed as design hotel, which is more than true. All rooms are different, and have different design styles. The room I stayed in had a distinct industrial look, which for one led to an amusing search for the shower (there was one, and then again, there wasn't 😊) The hotel has got a more than decent restaurant, which serves very good food for more than reasonable prices. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful, something which is not common practice ein the Netherlands unfortunately. Overall, a very pleasant experience, one which I am certain I will be having again soon. Thank you Lloyd for an amazing experience! GooglePlace - April 2017
John Woakes en
Very funky and relaxed hotel. Lots of art and history all over the place. Every room is different and unique. The restaurant is stylish and spacious. Last but not least the staff are very friendly and helpful. We had a great stay. GooglePlace - March 2017