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Dam 3-7 Amsterdam 1012 JS
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Over Majestic De grootste van de vijf café's, en naar onze mening de meest luxueuze, is restaurant-café Majestic. Als er één café is waarvan de naam perfect past bij het concept, dan is dat wel Majestic. Alles aan dit restaurant-café heeft namelijk een majestueze uitstraling. Bovendien biedt het grote terras, met loungebanken, een fantastisch uitzicht op de Dam. Majestic is gelegen aan de Dam, direct naast de Bijenkorf. Het is op slechts enkele minuten loopafstand van het Centraal Station, vanaf daar loop je het Damrak af en op de Dam aangekomen ga je links. Dan kun je het niet missen! About Majestic The largest of the five cafés and, in our opinion the most luxurious one, is Restaurant-Café Majestic. If ever a name was suited to a café, this the one; everything about this place is truly majestic and things have become even more stylish in recent times. The big terrace, with comfortable lounge seats, also offers wonderful views onto Dam Square. Majestic is located on Dam Square (the Dam), directly next to the enormous Bijenkorf Shopping Centre. It is only a few minute walk from Central Station, just walk down the main road (Damrak), turn left on the square and you can't miss it!

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punyabrota dasgupta en
this is probably my first time in europe, where i was told that i need to pay first, since was sitting outside. found it quite rude. the food was good though....btw, this was wid one server by the name of Chico...not sure about others. GooglePlace - October 2017
Abdullah Altamimi en
Very nice place. Good service. Average prices. Good drinks. Great location and view. Poor wifi. Friendly staff GooglePlace - August 2017
Alexander Moll en
High prices, bad service. Please be more attentive. Your staff does not play attention, is rude, doesn't even know the word "please" or thank you. 17.90 for a bottle of water and two cappuccino without service is a bit too much... GooglePlace - August 2017
Martijn Sinkeler en
The waiters really don't care if you sit there or not. When I told one of them that they didn't even look around if one of their customers did need anything he said he would send someone because he wasn't a waiter. The girl that came up gave us an annoyed look, still didn't care and gave us the bill without looking at us. You pay for an experience and it was just bad. It's just a simple smile or "thank you" that can make someone's day. I was ashamed for the bad service of my foreign friends. GooglePlace - August 2017
kayleigh smirk en
Amazing place and location, perfect to laze around and people watch. I think the location heavily influences the prices as they are, in my opinion, a little steep. 17euro's for 2 1 1/2 pints and 8 euros for a large (more medium in my opinion) Coke is expensive. However, the food we ordered was superb, but the stand out for me are the waiting staff, absolutely wonderful people. Very welcoming, friendly and chatty, a particular shout out to Felix, a thoroughly lovely gentleman. Overall, if you don't mind paying slightly over the odds for the best location in Amsterdam with great staff and lovely food, give this place a try. We came here every day of our 5 day Amsterdam trip. :-) GooglePlace - August 2016