Mastino Pizza / Amsterdam

Eerste van der Helststraat 78H Amsterdam 1072 NZ
+31 6 29623499
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 17:30 - 22:00


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Tips from the Net @ Mastino pizza
Camille Marjoux en
Best pizza of Amsterdam I found so far. The dough is perfect and they use tasty ingredients. They’re very generous with the amount of mozzarella spread on your pizza and I appreciate that :) GooglePlace - January 2018
Антон Шишкин en
This is probably the best pizza place in the neighborhood or maybe even in the whole city. The food is great, especially pizza that is called Fuoco Vivo and Vesuvio. The stuff is super nice, friendly, attentive and quick. They speak Italian, English and Dutch (at least). The price level is just fine - not cheap but reasonable for the quality you get. All in all, it's a great place for dinner, be it for just two or even a larger group. GooglePlace - December 2017
Brandon Scott en
Bummer ending to a perfect night. After having an awesome pizza (like seriously great) I went to pay and was told that the only forms of payment other than cash they accept is Maestro, which as a Californian, I of course don't have. Cash-only businesses aren't bad, that's not the issue here. The issue lies in the communication. It's 2017 - almost 2018 - and a cash-only restaurant as nice as this one is by far the exception; and they should've mentioned that while seating us. I suggested to the staff that a great time to let people know about this is before they order. They disagreed and said that they let people know by... right... placing a Maestro sticker amidst a sea of stickers on one of their windows. By doing that, they say they properly communicated. The waiter even acknowledged that this happens "all the time." Umm... if it happens all the time, then that means the issue needs to be communicated better. Anyway, super frustrating. The nearest ATM is across the river about a 10-minute round-trip errand tacked on to what would've been a great experience. Also, just a side note for Americans... they charge 3.50 euro for just regular non-sparkling water. Yes, the same price as a glass of wine there. GooglePlace - November 2017
Daniela And en
The best pizza in Amsterdam! My BF favorite place, almost every Friday we are there! Nice and friendly team! GooglePlace - November 2017
Ion Morozan en
I have arranged a dinner for 15 people here! While the food is very good, actually I think it is the best pizza I ever had in Amsterdam, the staff charged us many drinks in addition considering we will not notice. After paying for everything and leaving tips (good tips) we were short 15€. Adding everything up we saw at least 5 wine glasses were added. Disappointed! Too pity, because the food was good as well as the service! Will never go back! GooglePlace - August 2017