Mossel & Gin / Amsterdam

Gosschalklaan 12 Westergasfabriek Amsterdam 1014 DC
Opening Hours
Sun 13:00 - 00:00
Tue, Wed, Thu 16:00 - 00:00
Fri 14:00 - 01:00
Sat 13:00 - 01:00

Kitchen open till 22:30h We specialiseren ons in het bereiden van mosselgerechten. Nederland is de thuisbasis van de mossel en verdient naar ons idee meer aandacht in de grote steden. Naast het serveren van mosselen zullen wij ons ook focussen op het schenken van gin tonic. Deze vernieuwende, maar gouden combinatie gaan wij tot een begrip maken. De naam is dan ook Mossel & Gin. Een belangrijke reden voor ons om Mossel & Gin te starten is dat wij graag zien dat mensen gevarieerder gaan eten. Er is nog geen fastfood concept dat puur, duurzaam, voedzaam en Hollands (lokaal) is. Het is een goed moment om mensen kennis te laten maken met de mossel en haar veelzijdigheid. Wij geloven dat een concept naast de ‘smaak’ factor ook de ‘content’ factor moet bezitten. Je moet je aangetrokken en op je plek voelen. Smaak en ambiance zijn key. Het imago rondom de mossel is voor de meeste mensen een zwart pannetje zonder al te veel variatie. Dat is wat wij gaan veranderen. Onze mosselgerechten zijn stoer en de diversiteit aan smaken zullen je verrassen. Zeker in combinatie met een frisse gin tonic waar het New York gevoel vanaf spat. Meer weten? Anders, tot snel!

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Mossel & Gin Foodbar – Mmmmm seafood
Mossel & Gin Foodbar – Mmmmm seafood Mussels alone weren’t enough to lure me to Mossel & Gin Foodbar. The gin & tonics helped a lot, and as I read the menu I knew I was at the right place. Starters like oysters ... continue Amsterdam Spotted by Locals · Blog
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Paul-Henri Charrier en
Had diner outside on a Saturday evening. Service was dreadfully slow, even though it wasn't crowded (we waited 45 minutes for some croquettes and another 45 minutes for the mussels), but pretty kind. The food was great and totally worth the wait. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who can afford to wait. Drinks were also terrific, and happily we didn't wait long for those. GooglePlace - September 2017
Stephanie Lam en
Super lekker Thai mussels. Gin and tonics are good and atmosphere is great. They also give each table a tube of their own gin mayo for fries (that you can also take home if you don't finish, or you can also buy another tube if you really like it)! GooglePlace - July 2017
Khanh Ly en
Food is good but not great. We had 3 starters to start with and none of them were mind blowing. The oysters were delicious, but what possibly could go wrong with oysters unless it's 'buck a chuck'? We waited about 40 minutes for our main course, which didn't came until we flagged it (which they took off from the main bill). The staff was helpful and very friendly, but too bad I saw their attention to their customers fading away from the start of the evening to the end of the night. Asking for the bill and stand up to settle the bill at the end of the evening is just not right if you ask me. It just doesn't complete the picture. Typical kind of service you see around Amsterdam, not the customer experience you want to deal with. The mussels were great, I would definitely come back if the service was better. Suggestion to the staff: educate your staff, good service makes the difference! GooglePlace - April 2017
Chris Taylor en
For Amsterdam...good! Comparing the mussels here to Belgium or France not possible. The wine sauce tasted like water with mussels, but the Thai mussels were good. The Gin....if you like gin you like gin here, not much to say there. The mussels were decent but we were hoping for more. Out of town and inconvenient to travel to. All in all another "ho-hum" experience in Amsterdam. At least service was good which has been a rare occurrence on this trip. GooglePlace - April 2017
Vanessa Bowman en
Unsure of what to expect, & slightly out of town but so worth the journey. ( we took the bus ) best mussels I've had and great choice of sauces. Brilliant atmosphere' great friendly staff. Quality cocktails, was even given a free one as I mentioned I liked a sweeter cocktail than the one I had ordered. Would highly recommend. I hope hey open a restaurant in London. GooglePlace - March 2017