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Berenstraat 38 Amsterdam 1016 GH
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 18:00
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Review | Pancakes! Restaurant Amsterdam On Amsterdam’s Nine Streets, restaurant Pancakes! is delightfully Dutch while expanding its menu of circular treats beyond the national borders. ... continue Eat Amsterdam · Blog
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kate friedman en
Oh, Pancakes! I visit here every time I come to Amsterdam. Their gluten free pancakes are amazing. I usually have a vegetarian savory one and then a dessert one. It's nice to sit outside there. GooglePlace - August 2017
Faraz Khan en
Food was very good. One star taken off as our sever (lady with black, curly hair) left a lot to be desired. Poor attitude and I felt she wasn't really interested in serving us. May need a little 'coaching'. Her colleague, on the other hand, appeared very pleasant and engaged in her work. GooglePlace - July 2017
Thu Phan en
The pancakes were good and I would recommend it to people who want to try Dutch pancakes. Although the place is small, I like its cozy atmosphere and the interiors. However, my friend and I did not have a good experience with one of the servers. When we got to the restaurant, the place was full and we were second in line to be seated. We were told to wait 5 - 10 minutes. This was completely understandable and we did not mind waiting 10 minutes. However, what disappointed us was how our server had no interest in seating us. Within 3 minutes of our arrival, two tables left, freeing one space by the entrance. I saw the male server cleaned both tables and thought we would be served soon. To our disappointment however, our female server thought cleaning the counter surface, the menus and her nails were more important. About 10 minutes later, the people in front of us finally got seated and we thought we'd just get the space by the entrance soon, since it's been cleaned for a while already. We expressed to our server that we just wanted to sit down if the space is not reserved and were told (rudely) to wait for her to clean the table. She then cleaned the caps of all the condiments as well as the condiment tray which looked fine from the beginning. My friend and I don't think we did anything wrong but felt like we were getting the "attitude". We weren't shy about our frustration when there was a clean table ready for us, but we felt that the waiter could not care less and just performed her tasks as slow as she can to avoid seating us. To conclude, it's a decent place but not worth the hype. GooglePlace - June 2017
Amanda en
There is a lot of hype about this place, but I don't really understand why. Maybe we went on an off day. There was a line / wait to get in, which I think is normal. It's small and popular. Once we were in, we felt pressure to order quickly, but then it look a really long time for our food to come. Our waitress was really nice to us except for never bringing us water as we asked (we ordered other drinks as well.) She was also kind of rude to some other guests and we weren't sure why - maybe they did something to deserve it? It was strange. We ordered savory crepes and I don't think any of us were very satisfied. They just didn't have much flavor. GooglePlace - June 2017
Christopher Lee en
Really excellent food at a cozy venue. What makes me rate it higher-- our waitress made a mistake in writing up one of our orders as gluten free. As soon as my partner asked the server to confirm the food was gluten free, they immediately realized what had happened and worked with the kitchen to get a replacement out quickly, as well as comping any beverage on the menu. Allergen related mistakes are very serious but we're pleased with how the restaurant handled its error. It is unfortunate that the vigilance is necessary but mistakes can happen and we valued the good service we received. Worth the wait, which can be very considerable as you come up on noon. As an additional note: the latte we got comped had "Sorry!" written in the foam. A small touch but one that made us smile. GooglePlace - June 2017