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5 reasons why eating spaghetti at Pasta Bar improves your well being 1. You have been walking the Amsterdam streets and are very hungry. All your positive vibes have said goodbye and went to the stomach to complain about the lack of FOOD! You feel nauseous, you are cranky and want to take a bite out of a pitbull if he would let you. You are dizzy, agitated and your stomach growls like Max Cavalera. Or Justin Bieber, depends how old you are. And then you eat you find Pasta Bar and a sweet lovely handsome waiter (m/f/x) serves you a steaming plate of spaghetti Carbonara with little pieces of bacon and lots of garlic and then a sense of intense Zen overwhelms you. It’s all ok. Everything is ok…. Food in your stomach. You are Happy! At Pasta Bar… 2. The smell of fried garlic reminds you of long evenings in the common kitchen at your student house. Cheap red wine and loads of garlic. You knew that kissing would be out of the question that night. The only difference being that at Pasta Bar we gently sautee the tender Allium sativum instead of burning the hell out of it. etc… 3. Umami, the fifth taste, makes us want to eat more, it touches the saliva buds in our mouth and triggers our jaws to chew. And dear me, tomato, the source of many great pasta sauces, is loaded with natural glutamates, it is umami mama! Now you know why a tomato is always close by in an Italian pasta dish. Intelligent garcons, that’s what they are. 4. And then there is the drizzle of the juice of olives. Heaven knows how olive farmers manage to squeeze this precious juice out of their stony berries. It’s pure magic, glowing, peppery, gliding through your spaghetti like an eel in a bucket of snot. Rrrrr… 5. And last, what they do, the Italians, these smart suavitos, they came up with Parmesan cheese to top your pasta. Did we mention that Parmesan cheese, made from milk from mountain cows who love little yellow flowers, sweet grasses and Ciabatta, this cheese is packed with the famous umami? Conclusion: a plate of simple pasta is a seduction wolf in sheep clothes. Resistance is useless from the start. Just give in. At Pasta Bar.

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John Merchant en
Had a breakfast here. The food was nice a little bit oily but that is expected. I would eat here again but I would order extras with my breakfast. I had the full English breakfast GooglePlace - December 2017
himmat Kaur en
I ordered the tortellini with rose sauce, it was okayy... nothing special. The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice. If you are in a rush, and want something quick to kill your hunger.. this restaurant will do. GooglePlace - November 2017
TheDarknessfire90 en
Really good restaurant. Nice food and people. A place where you can have a break :) GooglePlace - October 2017
Randall Coan en
Long wait time. The reason is that the food is very good. You can order items from the menu to make your own pasta and pizza items. I really enjoyed the food. The price was not bad for Amsterdam. Good place for a family meal. GooglePlace - October 2017
Sameera Kumar en
Nice cozy place with some music. Always customers keep coming in and go out. Comparatively to other places in Damrak street, the food here is very inexpensive. Lot of options for vegetarians and just a few for vegans. The staff here are very friendly and speak good english. Even though this place is always very busy with costumers, within 5 to 10 min the staff can get you a place(if you are just one pair;) GooglePlace - October 2017