Rancho Argentinian Grill / Amsterdam

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 101-103 Amsterdam 1017 PX
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Haralambos Patsalidis en
Quite bad experience overall. The waitresses were all around the place but without paying the appropriate attention. The music was very loud for a restaurant. The quality of the meat was very low and some of the food arrived cold. It's not expensive but definitely overpriced for what they offer. P.s. we asked for some mustard and we got charged 1.5 euro for it. GooglePlace - January 2018
Eoin Morris en
This place was so bad it actually turned out to be quite funny. It's worth ordering the nachos just for a laugh. Wish I took a picture. Their sambuca mojito was unique. As much of a laugh as it was, 70euro was over the top. Burger King is at the end of the road. GooglePlace - January 2018
Andrew Mellor en
VERY RACIST, DO NOT LIKE THE BRITISH AND TREAT YOU LIKE SCUM. This has to be one of the worst meals i have had. As me and my partner walked in, there was no body to great us and around 3 tables full ( there are around 40 tables in total I believe). We found our own table and waited 15-20 minutes to be given a menu, after the staff served every one else who came in after us and ignored that we was there. We ordered a mixed meat platter with beef steaks, chicken fillets, a rack of ribs, sausages and corn on the cob for 45 euros asked for it to be well done. 50 minutes later a server can see we are not really happy with how long it is taking, as no extra time was stated when we ordered. The food arrived 1 hour and 15 minutes after it was ordered and the steaks are pink/red and still bleeding, the chicken is dry and over cooked, the corn is pure black.(asked for well done and that was the only excuse they had for taking so long and it arrived rare). Only things that was edible was the ribs and sausages. As it came with a side of chips and salad we thought it would be fine be, however the chips was as dry as sand paper and the salad had what appeared to be some kind of dressing that could only be described as a white mess with alot of black pepper. We was also told that because of our wait the drinks we ordered would be 3.50 euro for a pint instead of 5 euros and 4 euros instead of 6 euros for a bottle of larger when the bill arrived we had been charged 56 euros in total, so full price for everything. Even though my girlfriend had complained about the food, and asked for it to be cooked again and We had to wait a total of 1 hour and 35 minutes (including waiting for the menus). At the end of the night we just paid and left and as we did I heard a server say " well that was the last dirty brits we let in tonight I've had enough of them". GooglePlace - December 2017
kalki srl en
The worse steakhouse we could choose in Amsterdam. meat - ambient and staff. nothing was good. to forget GooglePlace - December 2017
Neđeljko Moškov en
Loša hrana - puno para Bed food - lot of money GooglePlace - November 2017