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Museumstraat 1 Atrium Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 1077 XX
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 18:00

This is the official Facebook page of the Rijksmuseum, the museum of the Netherlands, located in Amsterdam at the Museumplein. The Rijksmuseum is one of the great national museums of the world. It is a centre of excellence in Dutch art and history. It was voted European Museum of the Year 2015. At the Rijksmuseum, visitors can follow a chronological journey through the collection, and experience the sense of beauty and time this offers. In a sequence of 80 galleries, 8,000 objects tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history. We would like to share with you our love and passion for the world's biggest collection (1 million objects!) of Dutch art & history. Thank you for following us!

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Cynthia Chaldekas en
Three times I had croissant in three different places in Amsterdam and they were all very good, better than good. Coffee was always top notch too. The Netherlands understand the nuance of a simple meal and they bring it to another level. True for the Rijksmuseum too. Eating in the museum in the early morning when it opened was a special treat. I could take in the beauty of the public space before it filled with crowds. And enjoy doing it while eating the very delicious croissant (thank god there were 2!) and drinking my good strong coffee with the right amount of froth. Orange juice, freshly squeezed is always a lovely taste experience. While eating my breakfast, it was enjoyable to see the public space empty. The room was airy and quiet and natural filters down from the skylight above. The restaurant is suspended over the public space, and it gives you a feeling of floating. The This little breakfast was a nice way to start the day, making the the whole museum experience wonderful. #Rijksmuseum #sublime #amsterdam #holland #netherlands #breakfast #croissant #morning #repast #coffee #beverages #food #foodamsterdam GooglePlace - August 2017
Soumeya Benghanem en
This was my favorite Amsterdam restaurant bar none. The technique, ingredients and flavors were delightful. The service was brisk but excellent (for Europe). GooglePlace - August 2017
Monika Peruffo en
Ok, but less than expected for a Michelin starred restaurant, mostly because of the table setting (school cafeteria style), average food taste, and small portions. We took 6 dishes, a dessert and wine: amongst them (I cannot recall them all, which is not a good sign) was a ratatouille (actual dish had nothing to do with the name), braised beef cheek, scallops with coconut oyster cream, tribute to the Dutch bean (an unremarkable beans mix over a tartelet), a slice of duck meat with peach, broccoli, ginger wrapped in choi. Most dishes recall ingredients and methods of no-Dutch cuisine (curry, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, French...), so it's difficult to understand how they can present the place as proposing typical Dutch fare: a reconsideration of stoemp would have been more creative and local. Dishes presentation was very good (the usual ritual of detailed presentation during ordering and then the table show by waiters when bringing to table) but the taste of the food was average. With the exception of a couple of dishes (scallops in the Thai coconut sauce and a dessert with tropical fruit) all other dishes were fine but nothing special. Difficult to understand how this restaurant is considered "cosy": tables are few centimetres one from the other and you listen to the conversation of your neighbor... Ok for a business lunch, but I would not return for a romantic, group or intimate atmosphere. GooglePlace - August 2017
Kara Benghanem en
Wonderful food and experience. Very authentic Dutch ingredients presented in a unique and creative way. GooglePlace - August 2017
Mark Ito en
The food was EXCELLENT especially notable was the beef cheeks...INCREDIBLE! The service was very good. The ladies serving us were friendly, nice, and took pictures of us at our table. Someone mentioned the small portions. My comment on that is if you want QUANTITY over QUALITY go eat at an Old Country Buffet! Keep up the good food and service. My wife and I hope to back here soon. GooglePlace - July 2017