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Located in the center of Amsterdam between Central Station and the Dam, Savini specializes in classic dishes and specialty dishes such as Saltinbocca alla Romana along with a variety of other Italian delights such as Carpaccio and our home-made Minestrone. All of Savini's pastas and sauces are prepared daily with the freshest and finest ingredients.

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Sean Sandoval en
A few hours ago my girlfriend and I were wandering the streets of Amsterdam looking for a nice place to have a dinner date. I can only eat gluten free and we found this restaurant offered gluten free pasta... Normally I would never write a review whether or not the food was good or bad, however tonight she and I had such a bad customer service experience that we feel compelled to write a review. We dined in around 7pm on a Thursday night on November 2nd, 2017 and was greeted by a young friendly female worker. I noticed that all the tables were full and asked if there were any upcoming available tables for two people. She glanced around and said that if we waited at the bar then a table should open up shortly. My girlfriend and I didn't mind the short wait and agreed to look at the menu at the small bar until a table opened up for us. As we sat down at the bar we noticed that the girl who greeted us was seemed to be getting yelled at by a much older worker who would occasionally point his fingers at us-- he was speaking another language (I assume Italian) and we could not understand what he was saying. This older worker was a little bit shorter than 5'8" and over 50 years old. He wore a sweater on top the general worker uniform so we presumed that he was the manager. We couldn't decide if he was disciplining the girl for allowing us in the restaurant or if it was about some other matter. We ordered two glasses of water at the bar and before we were given our waters we were shown to seat at our table. Within five minutes the presumed manager came to our table and asked, "What do you want?" We told him our orders and without speaking a word he walked away in a hurry. We kept hearing some arguments happening on the side where he was at-- we tried to not think much of it but we were beginning to feel unwelcomed. Six minutes later he came back with our food-- it was really odd how fast they came back with the food in comparison to other restaurants. He quickly placed our dishes on our tables and asked if we wanted cheese on top, as I started to say, "yes" he threw the spoon of cheese on to my pasta, then without asking my girlfriend he threw cheese into her soup bowl-- my girlfriend is vegan and never got a chance to tell him she doesn't want cheese since this guy walked away so fast. My girlfriend was pissed. We looked around and noticed that every other table had a complimentary bowl of bread, (I may be gluten free but my girlfriend was looking forward to eating bread since her soup had cheese in it), we never got bread. We also hadn't received our waters from when we ordered at the bar. Half way through eating a waitress from another table noticed we had no drinks and gave us our glasses of water. Just as I finished my bowl of pasta the presumed manager came back and asked if we were done, I didn't even have a chance to answer and he picked up both of our dishes and walked away-- my girlfriend still had half a bowl of soup left she hadn't finished. He came back with a bill and impatiently waited for us to pay. This guy was clearly trying to get us to leave as soon as possible. We probably sat at the table for a total of ten minutes, when we were hoping to have a nice romantic dinner date. We felt like trash and totally unwelcomed. We had no idea why he treated us so rudely, maybe he was having a bad day? Maybe he didn't want to serve customers who were clearly in their early twenties? Maybe he didn't care for making tourists experience a nice dinner, since most tourists do not live there and won't return, (my girlfriend and I moved to Netherlands to study for four years so there could have been his opportunity to make new returning customers). Or maybe there were reservations at our table and we ruined some other customer's schedule, (we did not see any reservation signs on our table, but we did see reservation signs on other tables, so we know they own those signs)? If that's the case then we would have much prefered being told we cannot eat there over having such rushed and rude service. GooglePlace - November 2017
H Kwon en
Unlike previous reviews, services were good. Friendly and accommodating. Pasta were good as it claimed to be homemade. Complimentary warm bread was also plus but I found this place very expensive for Italian food (€17-21 for pasta, €12-17 for pizza) and drinks (€4.75-6.75 for glass of (should be €2.5-3) wine). Most Western Europe offer good pasta under €15. Especially homemade tiramisu shouldn't be more than €6. Here, Dessert are all €9! Unless this is your last meal on earth, try something else as you don't miss too much by not having the Italian food in Amsterdam. GooglePlace - September 2017
Alessandra Monetti Nishimoto en
Good food and great service! GooglePlace - August 2017
Illya Ustenko en
Awesome place. Best tiramisu in while Amsterdam. Coffee is also great! GooglePlace - June 2017
Lúcio Torelli en
We paid 12 for the starter, an antipast that was supposed to be served in white wine sauce but it tasted like boiled mushrooms with loads of Oil on it really disappointed. The main starter it's a homemade pasta, good but the service was terrible, this brownish hair guy was really cold and he didn't look happy in working there, I asked for the ingredients in one of the cocktails he just answered "I don't know." nor even tried to check in the kitchen. GooglePlace - May 2017