Smullers / Utrecht

Station Utrecht Centraal Utrecht 3511 CE
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed 11:00 - 00:03
Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:10
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Gerben nl
De wereld is een boze plek. Overal donkere wolken. Maar ééns in de zoveel tijd, glipt er een sprinkeltje licht uit de poorten naar de hemel. Dat sprinkeltje licht, is het burger/patat menu van de Smullers. voor €4,00 mag je voor 5 minuten de hemel bezoeken. Van de heerlijke milkshakes naar de hamburgers met de perfecte patat, wie op Utrecht CS is, moet naar Smullers gaan. GooglePlace - September 2017
Juriën Burgers nl
Een dubbele cheeseburger besteld rond de middag. Echt van vreselijke kwaliteit. Het vlees heeft dezelfde structuur als een magnetron hamburger uit de supermarkt. De hamburger was een kleffe homp vlees met brood. De patat was opnieuw gefrituurde patat. Kortom; haal voor de snelle trek ergens anders iets! GooglePlace - August 2017
Guido en
Awful experience. Had to catch a bus in 25 minutes so I supposed I had all the time to get some french fries. Unfortunately I happened to miss my bus because of that f****** idiot at the till. It's a girl in the 20s, dark hair, light coloured eyes. I waited for 15 minutes, then I politely reminded her my order (that she had clearly forgot about since she started frying the chips just after that, but ok), then after 5 more minutes I reminded her once again I had been waiting for 20 minutes and also added that I had a bus in just 5 minutes, and this was her reply "sorry I can't remember, what was you order?"; now if it wasn't that I had already paid I would have 'politely' sent her to go **** herself but instead, I just said "the chips!!" and I can swear that she just got them from behind, and even asked me in a cheeky way if I wanted any sauce. Result: the french fries were cold, I missed my bus and got mocked by an incompetent and RUDE person. GooglePlace - July 2017
Ire Staneke en
French fries are not special but rather mediocre. Other snacks are good. The milkshake is good. GooglePlace - June 2017
Matthijs Otterloo en
Good place for a quick snack! Foursquare - November 2015