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Toko Dun Yong was founded in 1959 by Tang Yong Sau (Tolerant Long Life) and is situated in the historical centre of Amsterdam. The company started with Chinese arts and crafts and through the years it's extended with Asian food products like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Indonesian, kitchenware, ceramics, furniture, books, music and restaurant decoration. In 2010 we opened our cooking studio, to introduce the secrets of the Asian ingredients and cooking skills to food lovers.

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Seisa en
I just called your phone number and after the 3rd ring time, somebody hang up without talking. I called again, and a Chinese woman told me something I could not understand and hung up again. I called again 4 (times) and each time somebody just hung up straight like the first time. What are you - assholes? Are you completely out of your mind? This "lady" is the same who never knows NOTHING when I am in the shop with a questions, and she is extremely rude on top OR gives wrong answers. Now she just hangs up on your phone. Why do you allow this? GooglePlace - November 2017
Miles Ng en
Really good ramen and gyoza. And it’s really cheap. 💯 Foursquare - November 2017
Tang Li en
A local Chinese supermarket where you can buy almost all kind of Asian and Chinese food and ingredients GooglePlace - October 2017
The Insider en
Much cheaper than the De Pijp Asian supermarket. Great deals on noodles and excellent vegetarian dim sum. GooglePlace - October 2017
Alexander Scott en
Has everything you'd expect and offers a few surprising deals. I go here whenever possible GooglePlace - September 2017