Toscanini / Amsterdam

Lindengracht 75hs Amsterdam 1015 KD
Opening Hours
Mon 09:00 - 18:00
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 00:10
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Joey en
BUDGET AT LEAST THREE HOURS FOR A MEAL HERE. Really disappointed with the service tonight. I had a 6:30PM reservation and didn't get to leave the restaurant till 9:30PM. We tried their tasting menu, 6 courses. Twice, it took more than half an hour between courses. When we mentioned this to our server one do the times, she brushed us off didn't apologize at all for the delay. Another time, when we talked to another server, she asked us if we were "in a rush?" as if it was our issue that the food was taking forever to come out. At any other restaurant with proper service the servers (or the manager???) would have noticed a half hour gap when nothing was happening at a table. The waiters also sit down with certain guests and chat and even drink with them (is that legal?), rather than properly attending to their guests. The In the end our bill came to 160+ euros. For this kind of money this is absolutely atrocious service. It's a shame, because some of the food is actually pretty good. But honestly, rather than having your night ruined by bad service, go spend your money elsewhere, people. GooglePlace - August 2017
Katie Marchand en
Let me start by saying the food here is great. And there's a lot of it. I came here for a work dinner with a prefix 4-course. We had an insalate course, pasta, entree, and dessert and I think it could have fed us all twice. I literally had to take me entree home because I couldn't eat another bite. All courses were delicious and the wine was great. The service however was on-par with most Dutch restaurants which was definitely a disappointment. What should have been max a 2.5-3hr meal, took nearly 4 hrs. I'd definitely go back for good Italian in Amsterdam, which is hard to come by, but only if I have time to spare. GooglePlace - July 2017
Sue Apfelbaum en
get the 6-course chef's menu Foursquare - July 2017
Celine Seror en
This is certainly the best Italian restaurant in Amsterdam. Table of 9, taken care of like family guests. Food and wine were excellent. Don't waste your time looking for Italian food in Amsterdam >> go there! GooglePlace - July 2017
Gordon Jackson en
Usual BS Dutch service, averaged food, clear your drinks while you're drinking, overpriced,under delivered nonsense. Lap it up Dutchies, this place is a parody. GooglePlace - July 2017