Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx / Amsterdam

Voetboogstraat 33 Amsterdam 1012 XK
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon 12:00 - 19:00
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 19:00
Thu 11:00 - 21:00

Vleminckx de Sausmeester sedert 1957 is gevestigd te Amsterdam. Vleminckx de Sausmeester is een Vlaams Friethuis die punt zakken friet verkoopt en gespecialiseerd is in 25 soorten sauzen. Al meer dan 55 jaar staat Vleminckx de Sausmeester voor kwaliteit, en dat is tegenwoordig uniek, uit de eigen keuken. Veel toeristen en locals gaan op zoek naar de trekpleister van Amsterdam. Het Vlaamse Friethuis staat bekend om het grote assortiment aan sauzen die gekozen kan worden bij de puntzak friet, dit blijkt uit dat Vleminckx tweede is geworden in de test ‘beste friettent van Nederland’van het Algemeen Dagblad..Vleminckx de Sausmeester is uiteindelijk tweede geworden omdat er teveel zout op de friet zat..

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Review | Vleminckx Fries Amsterdam
Review | Vleminckx Fries Amsterdam Although called Vlaamse frites, Flemish fries are a quintessential Amsterdam experience. And the best place to find them is Vleminckx Fries. ... continue Eat Amsterdam · Blog
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Willem Swart en
Very tasty fries. Place was hard to find but once you dig into the fries and sauce (which is priced separately) you won't regret. GooglePlace - January 2018
Mike Savage en
The line was wrapping around the corner with more than 50 people in it but it went fast. Fries are good but nothing sets them apart from all others. 9€ for two medium fries. One with ketchup and mayo other with cheese. GooglePlace - January 2018
Yil L en
Fries, that's all they have. No super fancy 30 different types and variations of fries. Just small, medium and large and a few different sauces. That's it and that's how it should be. Focused on quality and not quantity. Good stuff! GooglePlace - December 2017
Hendrik Beenker en
The biggest stress is when it is your turn to order your fries, but you're still looking at the large menu of available sauces... No place to sit and relax with your fries, but that's part of the experience. Iconic place to get the typical Dutch fries. It has been in this location forever. Went there as a small kid and still go there for my guilty pleasure as an adult. GooglePlace - December 2017
Lily Tang en
Every time I go to a new city, I want to try the local foods that the city is known for. You know what's on every list of Amsterdam foods to try? Yes, fries. Fried potatoes. Chips. Whatever you want to call these. Seems underwhelming, but when we got to this stand we knew we picked a good place, because even in the rain, a line had formed for these fries. In my opinion, this place serves the perfect fry: super crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, perfect thickness. There's also a dozen sauces to choose from. We went with the classic peanut sauce and mayo. GooglePlace - October 2017