Wilde Westen / Amsterdam

Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1 Amsterdam 1055AA
+31 20 760 8290
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 09:00 - 00:10
Fri, Sat 09:00 - 00:30

Wilde Westen is gevestigd in het oude GAK gebouw in Bos & Lommer, Amsterdam, en is de verzamelplaats van MOMA, een creatieve broedplaats voor jonge ondernemers. Overdag ben je van harte welkom om achter je Macbook te werken onder het genot van een goede koffie, terwijl je er direct je was laat doen in de wasserette. Aan het eind van de middag verandert Wilde Westen in een bar waar je gezellig kunt borrelen en ’s avonds eet je hier super lekkere pizza uit de houtoven. Wilde Westen is zo’n typische all day hotspot waar je je eigenlijk de hele dag door thuisvoelt.

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Thiago Peres en
Great food, great selection of beers and a nice atmosphere. Not very cheap though but too expensive either! Foursquare - February 2018
son vosnesna en
I was several times in this restaurant and I really liked - food, space, the opportunity to come with children. And I would never write a bad review, but today I was very surprised . I do not want to get into the details of the matter, that would not load this review. I said that the eggplant is not ready in a sandwich, without the slightest dislike and anger, and the waitress said she would bring a new one and I went back to my place. I called her, but she did not come long and when she came, she said that I insulted her, so that I did not finish our communication as she wanted it, telling me that it was strange, because she wanted to help me and said that she did not wants to talk with me, because she needs to run to serve customers. she also told me that I offended them all, although I still do not understand what. I did not insult them with words, deeds, and even my motivation, I just was not used to the fact that the staff was so proud and did not know what food was and what it was to satisfy the client. But this all is not so important, in comparison with what the main manager told me at the end, with a mocking laugh with her friend the waitress. I said that the food is too close to the heart and that you should apologize, and not talk to me with a challenge and that I will not come to you again. And she told me that you insulted us and you are not welcome here anymore. Haha, for the first time in my life I was kicked out of the restaurant. So, despite the fact that this restaurant is not so bad, because the service staff does not know how to feed people and moreover spoils the apetit I put one star and this is only because you can not put zero stars. I hope I can digest this sandwich and coffee, which she brought instead of the cola that I ordered. GooglePlace - February 2018
mikolaj wojtowicz en
Caffe restaurant nice drinks and food GooglePlace - February 2018
Brandon de Bos en
Nice place for a quick (late) breakfast for only 5 euro, in the evening a relaxed restaurant to have a nice dinner with friends or family. Pizza’s are always nice and they regularly have a special. I Foursquare - January 2018
Alexandre Boels en
Nice place, quiet and cauzy in a way. Super good pizza Quatro Fromaggi!!! Good IPA beer!! GooglePlace - January 2018