Asteria / Berlin

Schönhauser Allee 143 Berlin 10435
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:00
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Marcelo Pereira en
As soon as you sit down, a waiter serves you with a small shot of Ouzo. Strong stuff and a nice welcome. I got the mixed plate with four kinds of meat. One of them was ok, two were good and the lamb was excellent, soft and well seasoned. Prices range from 9 to 12 euros for vegetarian dishes and 12-20 for main dishes with meat. Although a little expensive, the servings are quite generous; I would say even exaggerated. Service is friendly and fast, and after one more shot of Ouzo, a complimentary dish with fruits and an espresso (not the best but, hey, it doesn't cost anything), you leave the place satisfied. GooglePlace - December 2017
Madison Stark en
Sadly, given the hype, it was disappointing. 1. They messed up every single thing! Lost our reservation, didn’t take our food order (after one hour we were wandering where the food was), forgot our drinks. 2. The place is extremely crowded - it seems like they added as many tables and chairs as possible for maximum profit. You feel like tuna in a can. 3. Portions were huge but taste didn’t make up for 1. and 2. You can find better Greek places in Berlin. Silver lining: the waiters were very nice and we got a free round of drinks for all the chaos. GooglePlace - December 2017
Marco Wilke en
They messed up our reservation, then said we can only stay for 90 minutes because it's full. Then our food didn't arrive after 40 minutes until we asked for it and they admitted they forgot and we had to order again. They also didn't bring the ordered drinks twice. After 2,5h we left very disappointed. The amount of food was very generous though and the interior looks nice. But we won't come back after that mess of service we experienced. GooglePlace - November 2017
Jaime González-Arintero en
Incredible place. We ordered many different dishes, including lamb, pork, moussaka, tiropitakia (cheese pies), gyros, etc. We devoured everything like animals! You would forget about your table manners too, that's for sure. They left a bottle of ouzo in the table without asking. When we were done, they served two (!) rounds of desserts, and coffee for everyone (all free of charge). The greek guy of our team was completely convinced, that's a good sign! Oh, and get ready because the portions are quite generous... If you're going for dinner, skipping lunch is your best option. Well deserved 5/5! GooglePlace - October 2017
Andre Speek en
Great place for a dinner with friends or family. A comprehensive menu with all the Greek classics, and some interesting specialties of the chef The food is very good, as is the service. Lots of complementaries on the house, like salads, fruits and coffee. Noteworthy, the ouzo is also on the house and is refilled all night through. Making the Asteria real value for not-too-much money. A busy place, so maybe not the best place for an intimate, romantic date. Depending on your date, that is... ;-) GooglePlace - October 2017