Burgermeister / Berlin

Oberbaumstr. 8 Schlesische Str. Berlin 10997
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 00:30
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:40
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Burgermeister Burgermeister in Kreuzberg might just be one of the more interesting burger joints you’ll encounter in your life. Located in an old public toilet in Berlin Kreuzberg, this joint hit ... continue Berlin Food Stories · Blog
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Angus Davidson en
As I was with my friends, wet and cold from a cycle in the rain, I decided from my phone that I'd be going to this place. I had no idea whether it was good, but am I glad I choose to come here. I ordered a standard cheeseburger. It was €4.8 so same price as McDonald's, so didn't have enormous expectations. The first bite was quite incredible. This place was so good me and my friends visited this placr 3 times while on our trip! From the burger to the bun, everything tasted amazing. For the best burger you have ever had come here. GooglePlace - February 2018
Innina artworks en
Probably one of the best burgers places in berlin! I absolutely love their cheeseburgers and their chili cheese fries are so delicious!!! The service is friendly and nice The price is reasonable. I just wish they had more space to sit and eat there. For the rest i love it! GooglePlace - February 2018
Leuven Newman en
I remmember going there back in 2016. The food itself was pretty simple. You're not going to get gourmet food from a restaurant under a bridge but places like this are why I love Berlin. In London this place would have been shut down by the Council, but in Berlin in thrives giving joy and good food at a reasonable price. For that reason alone I would recommend this GooglePlace - January 2018
Yaara C en
Simply amazing. Second best burger I have ever had, and I am known for my love for hamburgers, unfortunately :) great french-fries as well. Fast service and friendly staff. The only thing to improve in my opinion would be to add a table or two. Besides that, my experience was flawless. GooglePlace - January 2018
Peter Ekvall en
Great burgers in the middle of a busy intersection (witnessed a minor car crash during the wait for our food). The tasty burgers are prepared and quickly served despite a long queue thanks to the hard working crew behind the counter. Pretty cheap too. Limited amount of space for eating on the spot though but what do you expect from a fast food joint in a former public toilet? Recommended. GooglePlace - November 2017