Cancún / Berlin

Rathausstr. 5-13 Rathaus-Passagen Berlin 10178
Opening Hours
Sun 09:00 - 01:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 01:00
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 03:00
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Tips from the Net @ Cancún
Wang Hei Shea en
Absolutely great experience for groups. Nice music chill ambiance and friendly staff. Ordering a beer tower and mixed tapas, the seafood plate is ok. GooglePlace - September 2017
Nicole Rommers en
Very very nice food! Delicious!! The drinks are also very good. Everything is fresh! Best food EVER!! GooglePlace - August 2017
Scott Robertson en
Would have given zero stars if possible, worst dining experience of my life. Firstly we spent the better part of fifteen minutes merely waiting for the menus. Eventually we were served ordered a tower of beers and our mains, we were given the incorrect beer and I received a very unclean glass, although with it being a lads holiday I picked the debris out the glass, poured my beer and persevered on. Then came the food which was handed to us after an alarmingly short ten minute max wait. The waitress who brought it could not decipher the difference between enchiladas and tacos. I ordered chicken and beef enchiladas, only received beef. A friend ordered fajitas, which were cold on arrival, lacking in additions, and had 3 tortillas which was far from enough. Another ordered tacos which were somehow soggy and dissolving on one side but crispy on the other. The waiter never once asked how our meal was during our meal, when I said to him I was not pleased with the meal at the end he then began to argue with me about what I ordered. He then did not apologise for any of the issues detailed. Eventually we received the bill, put down the full price of the meal (60 euros for a meal we didn't like) he then had the audacity to stand over us tell us "tip was not included" and stood until a tip was given. All in all would not send my worst enemy to this "restaurant". Please avoid. GooglePlace - July 2017
Brian Langan en
We went in for Cocktails and beers all of which were fine. The Japanese/Oriental waitress took it upon herself to take €40 for a €32 bill and not return the change. We eventually got her attention and explained we had not received our change. She said that the tip wasn't included in the bill so that was the tip she was taking. She is a complete chancer thinking we were gonna give a 25% tip for two rounds of drinks. If she had gave us the change like every restaurant/bar I have been too she would have found me to be a generous tipper. She ended up with a derisory 10cent tip for her cheek. I suspect if I was a a local she would not have attempted to take the piss. Her loss and the restaurant too as we were planning to go for dinner there the following day. GooglePlace - July 2017
crystal cook en
Food is horrible...I would only recommend this place if you have a big group that only wants drinks. The place is huge but other than that it's not good. There are too many good restaurants in Berlin to waste your money on the food here. GooglePlace - June 2017