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Friedrichstraße 237 Rahel-Varnhagen-Promenade Berlin 10969
+49 30 2516775
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Sun 10:30 - 00:00
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... it all started when two of them got to know each other while working in an Indian restaurant in Berlin. Fate brought both of them from Delhi, India to Berlin, Germany. However, it was not just India and Germany common in their lives but many more things which they discovered every single day of there future brotherhood. They also moved together under one roof to live their lives being brother to each other. One night, tired physically and mentally from work, they talked about all the common thoughts what they had in their minds. The conversation was long but interesting, sad but important, funny but witty and direct. They knew they were very different from each other but together they could make a better team and a difference for their living and for themselves. They decided to do something together which defines their personality, culture, vision and of course their will to do something meaningful for their lives. Delhi, the place of their birth was the most common subject of their conversation often. And thinking of letting Berlin know about how great "elements of Delhi" are, they decided to open a restaurant together with their vision on it to bring atleast the essence of Delhi here in Berlin. Impressed with this idea they talked over and over again about it. But always the hometown was the focus of their conversations – they thought about the Moonlight market called 'Chandni Chowk' in the heart of Old Delhi – a very special place full of magic, where many religions and cultures live together with thousand multifaceted of fragrances, colors and sounds, which takes you into another world. This is one of the oldest, biggest and busiest bazaars of India where you could find the best Indian food and could shop anything and everything. In the 17th century, this square called 'Chandni Chowk' or 'Delhi 6' was designed by Princess Jahanara the favorite daughter of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Today it is also the oldest and largest Indian wholesale market almost for everything. Again and again they raved about the diversity of the delights of this wonderful place. And so they started working for their vision of their own 'Delhi 6' in Berlin. Said and done – after a long search they finally found a place which fits to their entire concept. Here at Friedrichstrasse 237 the dream would come true of a moonlight market – it is to be called, 'Delhi 6' (nick name for Chandni Chowk), where the number 6 is the postal code of, 'Chandni Chowk' market. Now there was no going back – they quit their secure jobs in the other restaurant, pooled all their savings and borrowed money from their family and friends. One of them flew to Delhi to go and get Chandni Chowk's interior, furniture, lamps, dishes, spices, recipes, materials, etc. which they could cherish with their guests on board. While the other emphasized on the other part of the plan putting the menu and the restaurant all together to make it one of the best local dinings in Berlin, preparing for a very friendly and interactive service, tasty food and everything else which would make you happy as our guest. Dear guests – our tale is true and so we are delighted to have you here and 'Welcome' you from all our heart to our personal Moonlight market here in 'Delhi 6'. The concept does not just want our guests to taste good Delhi food but also let them enjoy our other Delhi products sitting in the restaurant or buy and take them home. Look around you – many of the things around you have been brought for you from all over 'Delhi 6' market which gives us the opportunity to serve you on your special order. Please ask for any further queries. Namaste/Adaab/Sat Sri Akaal Your Delhi 6 Team

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Tips from the Net @ delhi 6
Lily Gabay en
Great service! Our food arrived very swiftly. Large portions for a very reasonable price and our waiter was very helpful when we asked for our food to go. Wonderful restaurant with very friendly employees! GooglePlace - January 2018
Matthew Barlow en
Right around the corner from our hotel, this place seemed to be a decent spot to have a late dinner. However, Delhi 6 was far beyond what we expected. Fantasic food, very generous portions and friendly service. A high quality experience for a cheap price. Also cheers for the mango shots. GooglePlace - January 2018
Tone control en
Excellent food to be found here . You can choose to eat inside or outside in a covered heated area Mumbai style. You know you are in for a treat the minute you walk through the door as you are greeted with wonderful smells from sultry spices. Straight in to my top Five ...enjoy.. A big thank you to our waiter for looking after us generously.. GooglePlace - December 2017
Anurag Negi en
The food is above average. Staff is pleasant. The only thing that I miss here is a complimentary starter soup, that one generally finds in Indian Restaurants in Berlin. Cocktails are just OK (could be better!). Ambiance of the place is very good. All-in-all, I would recommend this place if you are close to it and are super hungry. You won't be disappointed :-) GooglePlace - November 2017
Emily Lizzie H en
Very nice atmosphere as I walked in, instantly greeted by friendly staff. The wait for the food did not take long at all and tasted exceptional. The waiter was very friendly and made sure we always had something to drink so we never had to leave the table. It all added up to a very reasonable price. The chef even cooked more rice for a dish we wanted to take home. Highly recommend this restaurant for anybody looking for a nice atmosphere and tasty curry. Will definitely come again next time we are in Berlin. GooglePlace - November 2017