Dóttir / Berlin

Mittelstraße 40 Berlin 10117
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 00:10
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Dóttir Dóttir translates into daughter in Icelandic and being a son or a daughter means a lot to people from Iceland as these words are forever embedded into your last name by birth. Dótti ... continue Berlin Food Stories · Blog
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David Federhen en
Hands down best place to eat fish in Berlin. Exceptional value for money. Note: only single 4-course menu option with additional cheese option. Changes every 2 weeks. Go enjoy - it's awesome! GooglePlace - June 2017
Juan en
Excellent! I will always remeber the taste of some incredible ingredients. Awsome! Foursquare - May 2017
Vin An en
impressive mixture of icelandic and nordic cuisine. one of my favorite restaurant in berlin after being disappointed changed pauly saal. if you wanna try, hurry before they close down in july 2017! GooglePlace - May 2017
Daniel B en
Delicate palettes, new Nordic, super interesting ingredient combos and great fresh flavors. Foursquare - March 2017
Florian Hubertus en
Looks like many other bars in Kreuzberg. Maybe that works for the Mitte people to feel hip and cool but in the end it's just the most effortless way of interior design and not new and creative in any way. Food is okay but really overpriced. Nice ideas but they didn't play out in the end. Too simple and tasteless for the money you have to pay. No WOW effect. Nothing that I would consider specifically Nordic. And simply not enough food on the plate. Cheese from the wagon, as stated in the menu, does not mean that they come with a cheese wagon like they would in France. Instead you get a small plate of four tiny pieces for €11. Great wine selection though. But horrendous prices. A bottle of Riesling € 68 and a Stauffenberg digestive € 14!!! The waiters are very nice but I didn't buy their 'professional' behaviour and the food explanations came across a little pretentious. Stay away from the French pressed coffee. It tastes awful. Unfortunately it's the only available coffee option. GooglePlace - March 2017