Fratelli La Bionda / Berlin

Bergmannstraße 31 Heimstraße Berlin 10961
Opening Hours
Sun 17:00 - 00:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 00:00
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Cbl Cbl en
MUST ORDER: Pizza Bionda!!! Foursquare - July 2017
Hoffmansk en
Service was just despicably bad. Waited 15 min. just to get a menu which never came! Nice pizza but not worth the aggravation. GooglePlace - July 2017
Dennis Milan en
Me and the misses come here a few times a month and each time the food and service was perfect. Invited my Italian friends and even they were very impressed by the pizzas. Would advice any time! GooglePlace - July 2017
XaeonBlue en
In Berlin we have many good Italian restaurants, I mean real ones, not those pizzeria/restaurants that make fun of foreigners pretending to be Italians and that have seen Italy only in some post card. When I go in a true Italian pizzeria, it's always a pleasure when they simply destroy every other fake pizzeria in Berlin. However I was born in Italy and I pay attention in details, a lot of attention, because it's through details that you see passion. The inside is cozy and the air smells of the pizza oven, I took an Aperol Spritz, a beer "La Bionda" and a pizza "Emiliana". In one year, the Spritz cost went from € 4.50/2cl to € 6/2cl, the "La Bionda" beer from 3.20/4l to €4/l and the pizza "Emiliana" from €11.50 to €14 with the addition of cherry tomatoes. While I understand that some raw materials can be imported directly from Italy, I find the price of the Spritz unjustified. I do not think they used a bottle of Prosecco Mass Bianchet (double s) for a Spritz, this bring to the fact that an Aperol bottle cost €12/1l in Edeka and a decent bottle of Prosecco, €8/75l and since we do not need a master barman for a Spritz... "Roba rara, roba cara, ma qua no xe rara" A pizza that in Italy is generally called "Bresaola e Rucola" here is offered by replacing Bresaola with raw ham (San Daniele) and called "Emiliana" but it is unclear why, in fact on pizza there is nothing about the Italian region Emilia Romagna . Raw ham is San Daniele instead of Parma ham and the cheese flakes are Grana Padano instead of Parmigiano Reggiano, maybe "Emiliana" is the name of a girl, I hope. The presentation of this pizza is an emblematic difference between an Italian Pizza Maker and a non Italian Pizza Maker.. The slices of raw ham are arranged by giving them a volume, rucola has enough room to breathe so it does not come cooked and the Grana Padano cheese is cut to flakes (Foreigner Pizza Makers who understand nothing, sadly grate this cheese and place ham slices flat over rucola) Everything looks great. When it comes to neapolitan pizza, I like it juicy, but it's a matter of personal tastes. The dough was good, the cutting edge was crisp but two things left me puzzled. The menu does not say that San Daniele ham was DOP and I'm not sure it was San Daniele DOP, I found it tasteless and not so much seasoned. The cherry tomatoes on the pizza were supposed to be cherry but looked more like "datterini tomatoes". The pizza had only one unique insurmountable problem, the cherry tomatoes were cold. Price for the same Pizza is lower compared to other Italian famous pizzerias in Berlin, however €14 it's a little bit too much. GooglePlace - June 2017
Galsba de
Saftige Pizzen, leckerer Teig! Foursquare - June 2017