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Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a Berlin 10999
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Die ausgezeichnete und kreative Küche von Sebastian Frank bilden den Mittelpunkt Ihres Besuchs in unserem Restaurant. Fernab von Prunk und Protz besticht das Horváth durch seine schlichte Einrichtung in Kontrast zu einem hochklassigem Menü und Weinen. Viel Holz und warmes Licht lassen unser Restaurant am Abend zu einem gemütlichen Rahmen für ein gepflegtes Abendessen werden. Unser unaufdringlicher, herzlicher Service rundet Ihr Esserlebnis durch eine Auswahl von ausgesuchten deutschen und österreichischen Weinen ab. Unser Maîtré und sein Serviceteam haben zu jedem Gang den passenden Tropfen. Im Sommer können Sie Ihr Menü auf unserer wunderschönen, weinumrankten Terrasse genießen und dem Kreuzberger Treiben zusehen.

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Essi Jussila en
We went to this restaurant as it is a small tradition for us to visit great restaurants on very special occasions (my boyfriend’s birthday). I had emailed and made a note that it was his birthday, yet throughout the entire night, they didn’t acknowledge his birthday at all. When I asked them about it, they said “If we acknowledged all the birthdays, that’s all we would be doing” - not ok. Plenty of other great restaurants like Tim Raue, Dinner or even City Social have in some way acknowledged a birthday! Especially as they had 3 covers this night, its not like it was super busy. The food itself was very interesting and for the most part I personally enjoyed it. It wasn’t mind-blowing and what I call worth 2 Michelin stars but it was still exciting. (Apart from the first dish which was beetroot with what tasted like super sweet condensed milk it didn’t quite make sense). The wine pairing was very interesting as well but I was a little disappointed that there were 0 red wines along with it. Not that that is a bad thing, the white wines were great but I just prefer red wine. Either way, towards the end of the meal we asked for a glass of red instead and they brought us red wine out of questionable screw-top bottle. It was ok. The atmosphere of the restaurant isn’t that great either. It reminds me of an Austrian pub with no music at all. I truly don’t mind the idea of the unpretentiousness, I really respect that, but then music, lighting or other attention-to-detail should balance it out, considering you are paying for a 400 euro dinner! All-in-all, it was still quite nice and the service was serious yet fairly friendly. I just don’t think its worth all the money and 2 Michelin stars. GooglePlace - November 2017
Michael Mummery en
Very Disappointing. The food/wine/service does not justify the price in any way. Atmosphere: we were 8 people in the entire restaurant for the whole evening. No background music and questionable decor. Service: having been there for my birthday, I was a little bit surprised that not a single person paid attention to it. A simple note would have sufficed. It’s the little things that count. Food: Mediocre. Interesting combinations and well presented, but serious lack in flavour and balance. Wine: Possibly the biggest let down. 9 white wines which were interesting, but doesn’t justify a 90€ price. Not putting a red wine to pair was very peculiar, especially given 2 heavier meat dishes. Comparing this to Tim Raue, which similarly holds 2 stars, the whole evening was certainly not standard and I would not recommend anyone to go here. GooglePlace - November 2017
Mirco Merazzi en
We're majorly disappointed. After having eaten at several Michelin star restaurants this year alone, this has to be one of the most annoying experiences. The start was exceptional and up to the third course we were going strong. However, from the fourth course onwards things went downhill - dramatically (9 course menu). A bit of lettuce with ice and a vinaigrette just doesn't cut it at that price. The following courses were really underwhelming as well and what's even worse, the wine flight (EUR 90) was an absolute joke with only Eastern European white wines (Not one single red wine), some of them just being special in the sense that you never heard of anything like it which doesn't make it especially good per default. In the end we left with the really bad feeling of having been ripped off completely. This is by far the worst experience we've ever had in this price range. Absolutely avoid! GooglePlace - September 2017
Tao Tao en
Very good overlal. No-nonsense interior. Some dishes excellent, others not as memorable. Better than most Michelin restaurants in Berlin though but Nobelhart still ranks higher. Not sure I'd go again. Foursquare - June 2017
Johannes Reck en
Tasting Menu Foursquare - June 2017