Keyser Soze / Berlin

Tucholskystr. 33 Auguststr. Berlin 10117
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 07:30 - 00:30

Wir sind seit dem 23.01.1998 an der Kreuzung August / Tucholsky Straße zu Hause. Bei uns gibt es von 07:35 bis 18:00 Frühstück, von 11:00 bis 23:00 warme Küche und dazwischen, währenddessen und danach Kaffee, Kuchen und Snacks. Zu unserer großen Getränkeauswahl gehört auch eine umfangreiche Weinkarte.

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Andrew Simon en
I was so unhappy with my experience here, that after spending 20 minutes to write my review the first time, and then having my laptop die before I could submit it, I'm happy to spend another 20 minutes to write it all over again. After ordering my meal, I was given rubbery, awful sausage and a tiny, sad looking pretzel. The taste was simply miserable. When I asked my waiter about it, he simply laughed and said he hated it too. So..uh...why encourage me to get it 15 minutes before? Was something lost in translation? I was hoping to find a solution that could salvage the experience, and asked if I could possibly exchange the order for something else. The waiter proceeded to laugh, discussed how if everyone's order was exchanged, they'd go broke, and let me know that "no one in the world does this." As someone who has managed in the hospitality industry for several years, and who worked in establishments that valued customer service, I'll be happy to confirm here that he's profoundly mistaken. Even worse than being served bad food, with minimal concern to the quality by the waiter, is to be effectively called a liar in front of a large crowd. This is simply inexcusably poor service to me, which made the terrible food even more unforgivable. I handed by my plate of uneaten food, and was charged in full for the meal. Berlin is a food paradise--PLEASE take your business elsewhere. GooglePlace - November 2017
Federico Foderaro en
Super bad service. A cappuccino and an espresso arrived after 30 minutes. The cake that we ordered was super small and taste like nothing. 14 euros for nothing. I will never go there again. GooglePlace - October 2017
Liam Michael Scullion en
Food and drink are good! The atmosphere is pretty chilled out and Berlin. The service isn’t exactly friendly but they also aren’t unfriendly, kinda higher than typical Berlin really. But generally a good place to go if you’re hungry and thirsty. Recommended 👍 GooglePlace - October 2017
Renata Vieira Ribeiro en
The best apfelstrudel! Foursquare - September 2017
Alice D'alessandro it
Ottima la zuppa, camerieri gentili e prezzi più che onesti. Consiglio: se non vi piace qualche spezia o il prezzemolo ditelo in anticipo 😂 Foursquare - August 2017