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Am Friedrichshain 34 Berlin 10405
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 00:00

Wir verwenden ausschließlich Dry Aged Bio Black Angus Beef von einer kleinen Bio-Farm vor den Toren Berlins. Unser Fleisch wird für die Entstehung der perfekten Maserung und die volle Konzentra­tion des Geschmackes 28 Tage abgehangen. Die Steaks werden hier vor Ort durch den Fleischwolf gejagt und für Euch zu Burger-Patties geformt. Besser geht's nicht!

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Tips from the Net @ Lily Burger & Steaks
João Pais en
Service is nice, but setup in a weird system (as described in other reviews). The decor is over the top and agressive, the music very loud with bad action films being shown. The menu is confusing, as in each item all the repeated ingredients are mentioned, instead of saying "all burgers have x, y, z" and saying what is different in each one. The food didn't taste that good, as in most of the people in our table the meat was done not in the way they ordered, and it didn't have too much flavour. In the overall, also too pricy for what one got. Resuming, lots of effort went into the visual side, but the food wasn't up to par. Maybe good as a novelty or for a party where quality isn't that important - but don't go there for the taste and expecting you can talk to friends while eating. GooglePlace - February 2018
Giselle Silvestre en
I used to be very often at Lilly Burger a couple of years ago. The burger itself is amazing, has always been. The customer experience, however, isn’t that good nowadays. Some years ago you’ll get a table, a nice and attentive waiter, order, get served and pay. The waiters were always so nice and together with the burger, the service+experience was their great differential. They are still nice nowadays, but they came up with these “stations”, each one has a function. You sit, get the menu, the waiter takes 2 min to explain that to order food you go to one station, but it will be delivered on your table, to get drinks you can order directly from the waiters, but to pay you must go to the paying station. So the human touch, the differential, is lost. The flow is lost. One more point I never felt the need to raise because the experience was great, is the menu. People take 10 minutes to look through all those pages with big letters, everything looks the same. The menu makes the customer confused, and it should be the opposite. Before, the waiter was leading you through the pages, now the customer needs to think too much (what and how to order food and drinks). Having that in mind, I’d rather order Lilly Burger from foodora, deliveroo or whatever. In other words, great food, bad customer experience. On the pictures: Sopranos Burger (with bacon) and FBI Burger GooglePlace - February 2018
Erica Ivarsson en
I really could have saved myself this visit. It was just a bit crazy. The staff were stressed and they had a quite weird system that didn't make much sense. The menu was enormous and it took us ages to figure out what to order. So much repition on the menu, totally unnecessary. They could have simplified it so much so that it would be easier to distinguish the difference of each burger. The burger I received was like 20 cm tall and almost impossible to eat. I had to take it into parts and eat it part by part, which was not such a pleasant experience because it got quite messy. And yeah, I received a massive gherkin on top of the burger. Maybe someone finds that cool, I found it a bit strange, unnecessary and almost disgusting. I don't know, maybe go here if you want the same crazy and odd experience as we had, but otherwise save yourself the trouble and go to a nicer restaurant. Oh yeah, when you enter, you walk through the closed smoking area, so not an amazing entrance of the restaurant by getting a cloud of smoke in your face... On the plus side, they had lots of alternatives for vegetarians and vegans (hence 2 stars), so if you're short of burger places for vegans, then try this place out, but it comes with a funny experience.... GooglePlace - February 2018
Freddy Rovelli it
Ristorante dove preparano hamburger enormi, veramente buoni, difficile finirlo, ottima scelta di birre e panini. Foursquare - January 2018
Elaine Taylor en
Don't be put off by the outside. What a fabulous find. Burger best I ever had no processed rubbish here. Prompt service. Nice staff. Would highly recommend this place. GooglePlace - January 2018