Long March Canteen / Berlin

Wrangelstr. 20 Berlin 10997
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 00:00
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Tips from the Net @ Long March Canteen
Mike England en
Really nice food. A proper dining experience, especially if you get the tasting menus. GooglePlace - November 2017
Sara Wärnhem en
We had the Deluxe menu for three, overall the food was very good. The ribs were incredible but we could have skipped the boring desserts. If you have allergies make sure to repeat it many times and tell all the waiters. Apparently the difference between gluten and lactose was nothing they were sure about. I got one dish less because of allergies and I wasn't offered a substitute. They refused to serve tap water saying that it was of very poor quality and shouldn't be drunk...? Cool place and good food but the service could definitely be improved. GooglePlace - November 2017
Brandon O en
Some good dishes but overall nothing too special. Really really nice interior though. 80€ seems a bit pricy for the two person menu. GooglePlace - November 2017
tan tram en
Sticky tables and overpriced food make for a bad review. Service was ok, not warm though. Food was stale and uninspiring. There's definitely something wrong when your dim sums taste worse than the deep frozen ones from the supermarket, and it's not even presented with the right soy sauce. Tip to the owner : don't force people to leave tips, you've just ripped them off of a hefty amount of money and made them feel like they wasted their time. Wich leads in turn to a very very bad review. And judging by the other reviews I'm not the only feeling that way. GooglePlace - August 2017
Shiyu Rao en
Have to give it two stars. I saw this restaurant on the taxi to my bnb and decided to try despite the bad reviews. I got there around 10pm and told the reception I wanted a table for one. She led me to a six persons' table outside, and I asked if I could go to the small table on the other side. She said that she couldn't give me that table, cause it's fore 3-4 people! Yeah, so indeed she gave me a 6 people's table?!!! On the menu, there were mostly dumplings. I appreciate that they are trying to innovate Chinese dish, but the food was rather disappointing and pricy. While I was waiting for my food, a waiter came and asked me to put my water down cause it's not from them. Well, that I understand, so I put the water on the bench. And she said 'I mean really down' and looked at the ground. I was totally pissed, I wasn't bringing a bottle of wine but just some water!!! When I was paying the bill, the guy asked me how much did I want back?? That was a very unprofessional way of asking for tip!!! I'm truly disappointed by this restaurant!!! Please do not come! GooglePlace - July 2017