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Friedrichstraße 218 Kochstraße / Rudi-Dutschke-Straße Berlin 10969
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Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:30 - 00:10

WHAT? We want to introduce the people of Berlin to the full range of locally sourced products in and from the region. We see it as our responsibility to support the producers in Berlin and its environs. "Vocally Local," one might say. Eating is an act bound up in emotion. Food is "(ful)filling" — at an emotional and physical level. That rush is what we're all about. Our most intense experiences are almost always tied to food that was simultaneously sumptuous and simple. In today's world of globalization and excess, where few things can't be had at a moment's notice, we are focused on old-fashioned techniques for preservation and preparation. We've styled our fare around a carefully selected mix of modern and traditional methods. We've sought out farmers and fishermen, foresters and hunters for help in building a menu that emphasizes not just the sustainable pleasures of the table, but which truly opened our eyes to the beauty of Berlin and the surrounding region. WHY? For the first time in human history, the consumer is well separated from the product and its producer. In a world of obscene excesses, we have lost our link to our environment and the unique characteristics of the things within it. The quality of life has changed tremendously in Berlin since the Wall fell. Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Baltic Sea were for many years as distant as Provence, Brittany and Burgundy. Today, the city of Berlin, with its vibrant restaurant scene, continues to develop as a crucial partner to the region's farmers and producers. 25 years after the fall of the Wall, the areas in and around Berlin are in full bloom. WHAT ELSE? It's easier to say what this isn't: a restaurant with a classic à la carte concept. Nobelhart & Schmutzig is a holistic eating experience. We will set our table with one 10-course menu, carefully selected for internal harmony, and that's it. The prime directive is seasonal products, sourced locally. If Mother Nature doesn't offer it here in our region, then we won't either. It's really that simple. To let the tastes inherent to the products better speak for themselves, Chef Micha Schäfer has tailored his recipes to highlight no more than two to four dominant flavors per dish. We call this approach "Vocally Local." And we accept no compromises on this point. If you carry the thought out to its logical extreme, you need to rethink not just the core ingredients, but every element of the meal as well: no olive oil, pepper, nutmeg, or citrus fruits, no vanilla, cinnamon or natural chocolate. If it’s not local, it’s not on the table. In addition to authentic wines, artisanal beers, naturally produced juices, the finest herbal and infusion teas and freshly brewed filter coffee, we are proud to offer eaux de vie made in Germany and her neighboring countries. HOW? Nobelhart & Schmutzig integrates the kitchen seamlessly into the dining area. 26 guests are seated at a long counter that wraps around the food prep area in the middle. There are no secrets here at our virtual kitchen table. The guests are positioned at the center of the action, and can watch the meal emerge from its individual ingredients. A large oval table for up to 14 guests will also be available for groups.

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Nobelhart & Schmutzig – The Next Step
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Martin locke en
The best restaurant I've been to! 10 course menu, with each course introduced to you by the chef who cooked it. You sit around the kitchen and watch the chefs calmly produce all the food. We asked for wine recommendations each time and they were perfect. It was fun, relaxed and awesome. GooglePlace - September 2017
Duc Hung Tran en
Great tasting menu sourced from the best locally available produce with the best wine pairing I had so far on German soil. Guests are seated at the huge counter around the open kitchen, making for a relaxed atmosphere and still heaps of room for privacy. Check out urgently when in town! GooglePlace - August 2017
Stefan Bauer de
Ein echtes Event wenn man hier einen Abend essen geht. Hier werden ausschließlich lokale Inkredenzien verwendet. Allerdings sehr teuer und eher ein Art intellektuelle Essenserfahrung. Foursquare - June 2017
Felix Graulich en
It's been a long time since I have been so excited before going to a restaurant. We made the reservation 3 month before our trip to Berlin. And it really lived up to our expectations and the hype. The food is just amazing. Every course is prepared with a lot of thought and tastes amazing. We really enjoyed the detailed explanations of the food served. The wine offered to the food was perfect. I have never experienced a whine fitting so perfect to the food. The staff is very friendly and caring. We don't eat meat and the menu was changed without anybody further mentioning it. For the people wondering about the amount of 1star reviews (like I did). It's because the restaurant publicly announced that they don't want Nazis in their restaurant and now people are posting one star reviews as revenge. GooglePlace - June 2017
Oliver Ziesemer de
Tolles Konzept mit offener Küche um die herum die Gäste platziert werden. Regionale Produkte stehen im Vordergrund. Kein á la carte Restaurant. Das Menu kann sich aber immer sehen lassen. Foursquare - June 2017