Reingold / Berlin

Novalisstraße 11 Berlin 10115
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 04:00
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Carol Winter en
Far too loud but friendly service GooglePlace - November 2017
Bella Davis en
The below image is my review on Facebook. I didn’t want to go into details about the SERVICE. Until they sent me a sarcastic reply as you can see below. So here is my review of them and one particular waiter which might be the one mentioned in another review that I saw prior to heading there. I thought she likely was one of these people that complain for no reason UNTIL I experienced it myself. Here is my reply to them after the Facebook sarcastic reply: Guys seriously how can my review be welcomed this way 🤔- instead of asking what went wrong, you reply with a sarcastic comment. This is EXACTLY why I reviewed this place a one star. I didn’t want to bother to write what went wrong but I’ll do so now... Moved to Berlin from NYC and after asking a friend where to go for great drinks I was recommended this one. I finally brought my party with me and couldn’t wait to have the Berlin speakeasy experience. I had high expectation after being recommended this place by a local after mentioning that I hunt speakeasies worldwide. To be honest, the evening started great 👍🏾 The cocktails weren’t the best I had in other S but it was okay. Loved the lavender gimlet BUT here is where it went wrong for us. A “speakeasy” though in that case it’s more of a lounge/bar should be able to make a cocktail on the fly. I asked for a corpse reviver II. The waiter didn’t know what it was - first red flag. To help - i showed him the ingredients and how it should look like. Not only did he bring a cocktail that was 1/5 the content it should have been but it didn’t have the color of the requested cocktail. The one is brought was clear when it should be the color of lime/lemon juice. Prior to drinking it, we politely told the waiter that the cocktail is NOT what it should have been. He was RUDE and IMPOLITE in his answer. Mind you I had not tasted the cocktail so my expectation was for him to bring it back and either do it again OR just remove it from the tab. This way I would have stuck with a cocktail that was on their lists which they are used to make everyday. The service in Reingold from THIS WAITER wasn’t good at all and I didn’t expect him to be so OBNOXIOUS and rude especially after spending for 71 euros in two half hours. I brought my bf and my friend at this place hoping to have a great time. The whole experience started well but was ruined simply because we gave feedback and told the waiter about the custom made drink. Speakeasies should have a higher standard than your local bar but apparently that one is not service oriented. It is what it is. Save your money and go to a place where you will be valued and respected. GooglePlace - November 2017
Heike Pipping en
Please be quiet outside at night. Have fun inside only! Thanks a lot. Your Neighbours. GooglePlace - July 2017
Kateryna Gorbachova en
Frustrated! Amazingly RUDE staff!! Suppose to be a respectable place, but personnel (exept 1 young guy, he was really nice) was so much UNPOLITE and CONTEMPTUOUS. One waiter said that he was pissed with us (group of clients) --> just because he had a bad day?! And also with huge irritation: "It would be better you all order in German!" Sorry, are you nationalists?? Yes, not all from our company spoke German, so what (even though there was German guy with us)? He was the whole evening with "pissed" face to us. The others were more patient, but the same insolent, when coming to us. One young guy was very polite and nice to us, I told him thank you for that, but he couldn't stay with us the rest of the evening, unfortunately. GooglePlace - April 2017
Chris Rand en
Great Old Fashioned! Loved ringing a door bell. Was a bit quiet on a Wednesday in January - but don't let that put you off! Very friendly bar staff; definitely worth a visit for New York/London style cocktails. GooglePlace - January 2017