Samowar / Berlin

Luisenplatz 3 Berlin 10585
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 00:10
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M Al en
Authentic Russian cuisine. Fresh, tasty and best quality. Highly recommended! GooglePlace - February 2018
Шишечка ru
Спасались от жуткого ливня, заставшего нас на прогулке в Шарлоттенбурге. Глинтвейн подали очень красиво - на подносе в граненых стаканах в подстаканниках. Очень милая русскоговорящая девушка-официант) Foursquare - February 2018
Ali Kılıçaslan en
What I am about to share with you, review readers, might be a bit long but I have waited more than a month to share my experience in terms of Samowar Restaurant to be 100% objective cause I was, of course, a bit angry first days after the incident happened. Here I go; A few months ago I joined a group at Internations to go to a restaurant with reservations which was organized by a guy who has no benefits of organizing this event. 20 people claimed to come to this event and our organizer made reservation for 20. Making restaurant reservations is a way of life — but, for many consumers, so is breaking them and in most cases, a reservation is a no-strings attached situation for consumers. Probably therefore, there were just me and our event organizer on time. He got a last minute calls from 9 people about not showing up for the reservations and the rest came all late. Hence, He directly went to talk to the manager of the restaurant due to the situation and then he was forced to pay the price of that 9 people. The amount was like 300 Euro and I felt bad for the guy cause he just organized that without and profit. That’s why I shared the cost with him in which I ended up paying 150 Euro for regular food. First of all, I am fully aware that a restaurant is a business after all and although they are happy to have large parties, it’s a shame to lose out on other potential reservations because some customers do not show up for their reservations but if a restaurant wants to punish those who fail to show up, they shouldn’t be doing that on those who show up. They should reward them instead, if there is a punishment…. To be fair, He could have just left the place as well once he got the information of 9 people not showing up. Cause this reservation was just based on telephone call and no credit card no personal information or etc.. I, honestly, suggest him while we were alone waiting others and he did not find my advice ethically right. It is a pity that this restaurant has no business ethics. All in all, personally I care about business ethics, especially amongst restaurants. Cause providing food and drink service is highly related to the health and If a restaurant’s only priority is money, then a restaurant can chose money over your health as well… GooglePlace - January 2018
Galina F de
Das Essen war ok. Es war eine Menübestellung. Da weniger Gäste erschien sind, mussten wir für die Abwesenden nachzahlen. Sehr unflexibel. Es eine richtig unangenehme Überraschung. Foursquare - January 2018
Evgeniy Orlov en
Russian kitch at its best/worst. Matrjoshka, balalajka, expensive and an absolute violence against good taste. So bad that it is good again. GooglePlace - December 2017