Samowar / Berlin

Luisenplatz 3 Berlin 10585
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 00:10
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Julia Sorokina ru
В воскресенье - буфет с 13 до 16. 15,50 евро. Из меню были борщ, голубцы, вареники, пельмени, блины, оливье, крабовый салат, шуба и ещё много всего. Плюс чай и десерты. Вареники и Наполеон - ❤️ Foursquare - October 2017
Bogdan R en
Friendly Staff, nice food and tea GooglePlace - September 2017
Audrey Blessman en
Good food, but there were several problems/issues with our experience, mostly concerning service. We dined on a slow Tuesday night. The front window of the restaurant caught our attention -it was very pretty, cozy, candle-lit and quiet. Only two of the 8 or so tables were occupied. We went in and indicated that we wanted to sit up front but were told we couldn't as we had no "reservation". We were taken to a table in the back of the restaurant which felt more like a pub as it was close the bar and had rather loud Russian pop music playing, bright lights, and no lit candles. (Our request to have our candle lit was met with a strange pause and seemingly reluctant approval). We waited a while for the waiter to bring menus and waited a long time for our food to arrive as well. Our trips to the bathroom helped pass the time. My guest and I both noted how the front room still had 6 or 7 open tables. (Also, FYI: there was no soap in it the womens' bathroom and no toilet paper in one of the stalls. Bathroom supplies must be routinely checked by the restaurant. Guests should not be responsible for passing this kind of information on to the staff. Period.). Finally our food came. The food was satisfactory in taste. My lachs dish was especially beautifully presented with sliced egg and veggie garnishing. The kvas (a traditional rye beverage) was really interesting and worth a try. About half-way into our meal our server delivered salt and pepper mills to the table which made the food MUCH more enjoyable (too bad they were not brought to the table WITH the meal). After we were finished eating, we were asked if we wanted dessert and I said, "No just the bill please." Later the server returned (not with the bill) and asked if we wanted a vodka before leaving. My guest and I both said no. He made the offer again -describing a full slate of vodka selections. We said no again. He asked if we wanted something sweet instead. My guest said no --explained her need to sleep. He said, "just a little tiny something for 'digestion'. I'll make it very small for you." (implying that it would be gratis). And so we said yes believing we were getting a shot on the house but, to our surprise, the bill reflected something else. We would have said something at that point, but we were really tired and just wanted to go home. As we left, we noted how the front cozy room was still mostly empty. We also noticed that it seemed only young people were seated up front and older people in the back... That was a bit disturbing. So, just be aware of this and INSIST on a table in the front room if indeed the cozy front room is what drew you to the restaurant in the first place. I would consider another visit to Restaurant Samowar, but only if the owners are willing to provide proper incentive, namely, a cozy table in the front room and "a little something for digestion" on the house. GooglePlace - August 2017
Nima Hadavi en
We all had a lovely afternoon and everyone said the meals were superb. GooglePlace - August 2017
Sarah Reames en
The best food I had in Berlin. Absolutely wonderful and the waitress was extremely nice and accommodating. I would rate 8 stats if I could. GooglePlace - August 2017