Shiso Burger / Berlin

Auguststr. 29c Berlin 10119
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 00:00

" Fo Shiso Ma Niso "

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Tips from the Net @ Shiso Burger
Heran Bago en
Amazing delicious burgers. Interesting drinks. Way to crowded. Loud. Staff is a bit rude but overworked and understaffed. Portions are small. Pricey. One Burger and fries is not a filling meal here. Taste is amazing, with these caveats. GooglePlace - October 2017
Evelyn Sng en
Decent burgers with a special bun. Payment with car only possible for more than 20€ and right now the toilet is broken. But staff was always friendly when I was there and the sweet potato fries are delicious. If you are planning to go for dinner or for lunch, better make a reservation. GooglePlace - August 2017
Khalid Alqasim en
Ok the food is delicious but be aware that there are no hygiene concepts by the staff. Just take a look at the toilets. Extra dirty, non functioning full of smudges, sink is blocked and don't drain, and the lost goes on and on.. just see the photos for your self. If they can not take care of the cleanliness of their toilets which is easy for customers to spot! then I wonder how it looks like behind the counter at the kitchen area! GooglePlace - August 2017
Rebecca Lin en
Fantastic burgers, and well-deserving of the top 10 places to eat in Berlin spot. Really excellent and attentive staff and a good selection of delicious burgers. Flavours work well together, no matter what Burger you get. I loved the Shiso burger (had tuna).The place fills up quickly but they also move fast. Went here twice in a 4-day trip. Highly recommend this place. GooglePlace - July 2017
Helene Kolpakova en
Very tasty burgers with an Asian twist. Definitely worth a visit! The meat is not cooked well-done by default, so if you are not up for raw minced meat, make sure to ask! I haven't noticed a big difference between wagyu and standard meat, but that could be due to my well-done preference. As you'd expect from an Asian place, the tea is very good. It's not a sophisticated selection, but all options are natural, cooked not with 100-degree water, and therefore taste great! Beware, they are pretty crowded, so it's a very good idea to call them for a reservation beforehand. The staff is usually very nice. I had issues in the past, but they have clearly fixed it. I come here quite often for the reasonably priced and yummy daily menu. GooglePlace - June 2017