Spreegold / Berlin

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 2 Dircksenstr. Berlin 10178
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Sun, Sat 08:00 - 00:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 07:30 - 00:00

Spreegold im Bötzowviertel - Hufelandstraße 20, 10407 Berlin Spreegold am Alexanderplatz - Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin Spreegold Prenzlauer Berg - Stargarder Straße 82 10437 Berlin Spreegold im BIKINI Berlin Budapester Straße 50 10787 Berlin Zum Impressum: https://www.spreegold.com/impressum.html

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Ja Schr en
Spacious, large window fronts with good views of two streets. Chic, similar to New York Cafe. Actually just the right thing to relax alone or as a couple. If not the music always so loud that you have to scream at each other. Fun for the staff, for the relaxation seeking customers however stress. If it were quieter one could enjoy the many delicious breakfast variants better (although the last time a moldy strawberry lay on the pancakes, probably only one exception). Conclusion: Please make the guests more comfortable and keep your music quieter!!! GooglePlace - September 2017
Mystik Yuvly en
This was a disappointment. One waitress actively working in peak hours is the recipe to disaster. Poor management. Wasted 45 mins in just waiting to get the table cleared and to "try" to order dessert. After waiting endlessly and skipping the dessert, and not to mention the lack of waitresses on the floor to cater for any further needs, we are told that the waitress taking care of our table was on a pause so we have to "wait" so we can get our bill. ( what the actual sausage?) The food was alright. Wouldnt recommend the dry burger bread and beef patty. Sweet potato fries were okay. As for the atmosphere, quite loud with the music. Not a fancy place or anything just very hipster vibe with not so hipster price GooglePlace - September 2017
Emma Günther en
First of, I wanna say that the food was very good, but after we got the food the staff didn't even consider us anymore. We initially also wanted to order dessert, but even after 35 minutes none of the waitresses came to us or even looked at us. We finally got up to pay and it took them another 10 minutes until we were able to pay. I was really excited about this place and the food was great - but organization wise it was a dissapointment. GooglePlace - September 2017
Felix Andrew en
Very friendly and helpful staff, and good selection of food. However quite slow queue (admittedly we were there at a busy time) and extremely slow turnaround on the food - over 45 minutes for omelette, eggs royale and waffles In the end cancelled the order as we had to be somewhere. Food that came out for other people looked alright, and drinks were quick though unfortunately absolutely atrocious coffee - one of the worst americanos I've had in a long time. Not a lot of other choice round here, so would recommend but only if you are happy to wait a very long time when it's busy and do not want coffee. GooglePlace - September 2017
Shawn Tootle en
Nice looking restaurant and good staff, but the food needs some work. We had pancakes that tasted like the instant ones. Unfortunately, they were buried under fruity decorations that just make one ask "why is this on the plate"? I like fruit but I ordered pancakes because that's what I wanted. After watching the staff it seemed like all the plate decorations were slowing the service down and not really improving the quality to bring it in line with the relatively high prices. It seems like the manager should take a hard look at the menu and ask him or herself "is this really the best we can do with the resources available"? GooglePlace - June 2017