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Fuggerstr. 27 Berlin 10777
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Dal 1 Luglio 1991 la "Trattoria A' Muntagnola" si pregia di offrire ai suoi ospiti, i sapori, la cultura e la tradizione della Basilicata. Il proporre sapori della nostra terra è stata una novità nel panorama gastronomico Berlinese e anche la regione Basilicata, nel settembre 2002, ci ha premiati come Miglior Ristorante Lucano nel Mondo per il Premio Sapori Lucani. L'anima della trattoria é Mamma Angela. Infatti il nome "Muntagnola" è riferito al nomignolo che il suo defunto marito le dava. La nostra cucina é prevalentemente tradizionale. I cibi sono genuini, freschi e biologici. Offriamo un ampio menù. Al suo interno si trovano piatti come "la Caponata" formata da melanzane fritte, i gamberetti con zucchine e menta, il "pane cotto", una tipica zuppa, ed il "Castrato alla pastorale" composto da carne d'agnello. Importante è la presenza della pasta che viene prodotta a mano direttamente da noi. Tutti questi piatti sono riuniti nel libro "A' Muntagnola" dove vengono descritte tutte le principali ricette della Basilicata. La Trattoria si impegna, inoltre, a diffondere la cultura della terra d'origine e contribuisce attivamente nelle diverse attività della comunità locale. * Seit 1. Juli 1991 dürfen wir Sie mit der lukanischen Küche, dem Geschmack, der Kultur und der Tradition der Basilikata verwöhnen. Die vorschlagen Geschmack unseres Landes ist eine Neuheit in der Berliner Gastronomielandschaft und im September 2002 hat die Region Basilikata uns als das Beste Lukanische Küche prämiert. Die Seele des Restaurants ist Mutter Angela. Nämlich "Muntagnola" bezieht auf den Name dass ihr vestorbener Mann gab ihr. Unsere Küche ist vor allem der traditionellen. Die Lebensmittel sind echt, frisch und biologisch. Wir bieten ein weites Menü an. Drinnen gibt es Gerichte wie "Caponata", von Bratauberginen gebildet, die Garnelen mit Zucchini und Minze, das "Pane Cotto", eine typische Suppe, und das "Castrato alla pastorale" mit dem Lammfleisch. Wichtig ist das Vorhandensein der Pasta, die direkt von uns handgemacht wird. Alles diese Gerichte werden in dem Buch "A' Muntagnola" gesammelt wo die Hauptrezept von Basilikata beschrieben sind. Das restaurant bringt sich ein, die Kultur der Heimat zu verbreiten und trägt aktiv zu dem verschiedenen Aktivitäten der örtlichen Gemeinschaft. * From 1 July 1991 the "Trattoria A' Muntagnola" is pleasing to offer its guests the flavors, the culture and the tradition of Basilicata. The propagation of flavors of our land has been new in the gastronomic panorama of Berlin und also the Basilicata region, in September 2002, has awarded us the Best Lucano Restaurant in the World for the Sapori Lucani Prize. The soul of the restaurant is mom Angela. In fact, the name "Muntagnola" refers to the nickname that her deceased husband gave her. Our cooking is predominantly traditional. The foods are genuine, fresh and organic. We offer a large menu. Inside there are dishes such as "Caponata" made from fried eggplants, shrimp with zucchini and mint, "Pane cotto", a typical soup, and "Castrato alla Pastorale" made of lamb. Important is the presence of the pasta that is hand-made directly by us. All these dishes are gathered in the book "A' Muntagnola" where all the main recipes of Basilicata are described. The Restaurant also undertakes to spread the culture of the land of origin and actively contribute to the various activities of the local community.

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Andrea Scaramuccia en
I tried their "Stangolapreti al burro e salvia": they are delicious and healthy! Foursquare - September 2017
Ch Wo en
Service was very slow due to a street fare but I ordered soup only to be told 20m later that they had none and then another 30m to get the other alternative of vegetarian soup. The drinks came quickly enough so why couldn't they tell me earlier? GooglePlace - September 2017
Remco Vos en
Incredible quality of food in typically Italian restaurant. A must if you love the real Italian food. GooglePlace - August 2017
he m en
DONT GO THERE!!! We wanted to go for some good italian food and this place looks really nice from the outside but this is really a terrible place! We ordered one pizza and they nearly managed to put like 5 gram of cheese on it - we told it to the female waiter and she called the chef that had made the pizza and she was so sorry. So good so far.........and now starts the fun which reminded quite a lot af Fawlty Towers! The owner came - an very scary old man and dont mess with him and his restaurant and the food. He said that there were plenty of cheese on the pizza (there was NOTNING) and this was the best mozzarella in town and he went on and on. He placed afterwards the pizza on the empty table and there it was like forever. We were like "what is going on"........After 15 min. - the pizza was still on the table - we asked for the check and then he presented the bill with the pizza on it. We said that we will not pay for the "no cheese pizza" and then with his hands he digged in the pizza to show us that there were plenty of cheese and he was like looking and looking with his bare hands playing with the food to find the cheese, which was diffucult for him to find. For a moment we thought we were on hidden camera! Now we told him that we were not going to eat the food after his bare hands had been digging in the pizza. He then shouted that he used a fork and not his hands and now he wanted to call the police if we didnt pay. We were like - lets get away from here - the owner he is far on beoynd and quite scary! We actually afterwards read another review where some other customer critisised the food and a male waiter put his hand around his neck. That male waiter must be the owner. This restaurant is a joke, but if you are into a Fawlty Towers act like Basil (John Cleese) then you should absolutely go there and if you come up with any critics to the food - then the big drama starts from the owner. If you want some good italian food go to another place, cause the good food are you NOT going to get there!!! GooglePlace - July 2017
Andrea Scaramuccia en
Their caprese with burrata is a symphony for the taste, and their cannoli with homemade ricotta are Legendary! Foursquare - July 2017