Amass / København

Refshalevej 153 København 1432
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu 18:00 - 00:00
Fri, Sat 12:00 - 16:00

At Amass, we believe in a holistic approach to food that not only prioritizes our guests and gastronomy, but also the environment and our future as an industry. Our gold organic certification, which insures that 90% to 100% of our food and beverages are organic and free of pesticides, is only one of the many initiatives we’ve taken to reduce our carbon footprint. By sourcing nearly 95% of our products locally, minimizing ingredient waste and saving water, we want to go beyond labels and give as much care to how we operate as a restaurant as our farmers and purveyors do with the soil and sea. Open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 18.00, and lunch Friday and Saturday from 12.00. Amass can accommodate 60 to 70 guests, as well as 5 seats by the kitchen that are only available on a walk-in basis. Private dining, for up to 16, is available above the main dining room. Reservations are available two months in advance. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Tips from the Net @ Amass
Emil Forsmann en
Had an amazing experience eating at Amass. Definitely worth a visit. Prices are lower than most Michelin however the food and wine is on pair GooglePlace - January 2018
Svend en
Great for celebrations and thinks like that. Fresh and tasty food, good atmosphere. Foursquare - January 2018
Daniel Molina en
The experience was incredible as expected. The food was amazing, the ambience is jaw-dropping and the waiters/chefs are super gentle and welcoming. Yes, the chefs come to the table to deliver the dishes and explain how they were made! And this is awesome! I won't go into details about the food because the menu changes periodically. However, I can say that everything tastes fresh and complete. Most of the ingredients used are "produced" in the restaurant. For example, the goose they served was dry aged in the restaurant itself. The starter chips were from vegetables grown in the restaurant's garden, and so on... It is definitely worth going! GooglePlace - December 2017
Sylvie 🌴 en
Amazing food pairings in a cool setting with a fair price tag...we love Amass & will be back! 😍 Foursquare - December 2017
Ryan Braastad en
I'll be honest... I blacked out a little. All of a sudden I became conscious and talking like a southern California white girl. “Miso obsessed with this...” is the first thing that came out of my mouth. Then.... “...this is AMASSing...” I really didn't know what was happening. An out of body experience perhaps? Who knows, but I worked and it was all delicious and good. BIG shout out to Chef Matt Orlando (and the Hieroglyphics crew - For inspiration) for taking care of us and showing us how creative gastronomy feels in Copenhagen. GooglePlace - December 2017