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Dronnings Tværgade 2 København K 1302
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--------------------------- “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle At AOC we seek to emphasise what is wonderful from our local nature as well as stimulating as many of our senses as possible: Taste, vision, color, and smell are at the centre of the dining experience. Our gastronomic philosophy is positioned from a modern style, using fresh Nordic produce sourced from both the earth and sea – a concept of pure savor. Head chef Søren Selin and his assistant Jakob Mogensen, together with their team of dedicated chefs, work closely together striving to achieve perfection within the ‘New Nordic Kitchen’. Sommelier, Christian Aarø, taste and select wine from both the old and the new world regions so that food and wine accompanies each other in perfect harmony. This interaction between food and wine can be experienced through either the 7-course or 10-course menu. During the weekdays it is also possible to settle for a 5-course menu. Furthermore we always offer the possibility to choose amongst our carefully selected wine menu or a specific wine from our wide-ranging wine list. AOC is situated in the vaulted cellar of the historic mansion, Moltkes Palæ, dating back to the 17th century just a few minutes from Kongens Nytorv in the centre of Copenhagen. The main dining room seats 50 guests at round tables and a chef’s table. Additionally we can provide two private dining rooms, which are ideal for smaller parties seeking an evening of refined dining in privacy.

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Critic Reviews @ AOC
Restaurant AOC
Restaurant AOC A sublime culinary experience is guaranteed in this vaulted cellar restaurant in a historic mansion. Chefs Ronny Emborg and Michael Munk take... ... continue Lonely Planet
Blogger Reviews @ AOC
AOC All the plates were picturesquely beautiful, the food was flawless and the menu as a whole was composed with wit and distinction. Actually, the strong focus was what impressed me th ... continue Very Good Food · Blog
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Tips from the Net @ AOC
Michiel Janssen en
Awesome and original menu. Highly recommended. Foursquare - March 2018
Shaun Singh en
Interesting menu with plenty of experimental combinations based on classical Nordic flavours. Not my style - very focused on celeriac/celery and wild greens. FoH staff forgetting drinks and ingredients shouldn't happen in a 2 Michelin star restaurant. GooglePlace - November 2017
Lupita Baumgardner en
One of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. Beautiful inside and the portions were smsll but fantastic GooglePlace - January 2017
Morten Schlosser en
I've been to several two star Michelin restaurants but have never left any of them as disappointed as I did AOC. As a matter of fact we left the restaurant before any of the dessert courses had been served. That was after more than five hours of dining. The menu itself looked impressive and inviting but turned out to be fairly uninteresting and out of the 17 of us attending the dinner no one had a single wow moment. Too many experimental dishes that were either tasteless or unexciting. The service also did not meet the expected level of a 2 star Michelin Restaurant. As an example when pointing out to the hostess that some people were not being served wine or served different measures of wine we were told "why don't you just finish your wine and I'll come back and give you more". Furthermore, when we questioned the somelier about the pairing of a particular wine with one of the dishes which we found an odd pairing he started arguing with us and insinuating we knew nothing about wine. Overall it was just a very disappointing experience and at a price of 3500Kr we were left with feeling of having been ripped off. GooglePlace - November 2016
Eric Espinasse en
Famous AOC proposed 9 dishes. All plates were superbly dressed with a mixed feeling on creativity though. Focus was on seafood rather than fish (great to my taste but could have been a surpise to others). Desserts revealed much more creativity with parsley ice cream, reinvented vanilla and Jerusalem artichoke. A very pleasant diner. GooglePlace - November 2016