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Bastard Café is about having a coffee, a beer or just a break, while enjoying great game experiences with friends and friendly strangers. We’ve got new games, old games, dice games, card games, party games, strategic games and quite a few games with sheep in them. They all have just two things in common: They’re far from digital…and quite possibly just the thing you’ve been waiting for to take your mind of your humdrum adult life. 'BUT I DON’T KNOW THE RULES FOR ALL THE GAMES I WANT TO TRY' Fear not! You can pop by any day and learn new games, but expecially on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays there will be friendly volunteer game gurus around to help you get started. And if there are no game gurus in sight, ask the bartender if he or she can help you. Often some of the other guests will also step in with some rules help (yes…we have absolutely 100 procent wonderfully helpful guests). So you don’t need to know any rules at all. All you need is an appetite for fun and games. 'WHAT DOES IT COST'? It’s always free to pop by the café and hang out and drink coffee, beer og just to chill. There will also be lots of great games you can play for free. But if you want to gain access to ALL our 2100 games, we’ll ask you to support the Bastard Café by acquiring either a membership for the café for DKK 150,- or pay a one-person-one-day fee DKK 25,- The membership is valid for both you personally AND a guest and gives you a whole year of unlimited gaming. Kids under 12 years of age plays for free if accompanied by an adult. COFFEE IS OUR THING, BUT NOT THE ONLY THING WE DO We love our COFFEE. A lot. And we hope you will too. We roast our own coffeebeans and are at the moment building an espressomachine from scratch. So we put a lot of work and love into making you a good cup of black. Expect high quality coffee served with soul. If you’re more into TEA, don’t despair. We’ve got you covered. One of our partners is Østerlandsk Tehus from where we get all our teas. This means that we normally spot around 20 different blends. The BEERS we don’t make ourselves though. But they are still cold, refreshing and plentyful. And if you’re feeling peckish, try our BAR FOOD. Some prefer the nachos, others are more into triple-decker-double-cheese-double-meat toast (aka “The Big Bastard Toast of Doom”) or our vinegar fries. NO NEED TO RESERVE A TABLE We only take a very limited number of table reservations for private parties (at a premium), since we want to keep as large a part of our 300 square meters of gaming space as accessible to all, as possible. Instead we’re running on a first-come, first-seated basis regarding tablespace. Most days this won’t pose a problem for you, since we do have a lot of space, but expect Fridays (from around 17.00) and Saturdays (from around 15.00) to be very busy. At these days there can be some waiting time for a free table, but fear not – we usually manage to fit people in. Also, if you ask in the bar, the friendly staff can sometimes help put up some more tables. If you are a larger group (10+ people) and are planning to visit us in the weekends, we recommend that you come early.

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Tips from the Net @ Bastard Café
Morten Zinck en
The selection of board games is just ridiculous. There are so many it's actually difficult to get a complete overview of what's there. Luckily they have this great concept of "game gurus". They will happily help you find a game you want and will even help you get started. It gets very crowded, so book your table in advance. Cost is 25dkk per person for the full selection of games. GooglePlace - October 2017
Erik Nielsen en
Nice selection of games. A unike place in Copenhagen. They even have bar service and some snacks and stuff so you can just hang out and enjoy your game and good company. But it dose get quote crowded en the evening's. GooglePlace - October 2017
Leif Gensert en
Insane amount of board games. Foursquare - October 2017
Katie Zechar en
Be here before 9pm 2 have a fighting chance at snagging a game +a table. They passive-aggressively blast Disney songs to clear out rooms when closing down. Honestly it's an ok way to go. Foursquare - September 2017
Zoárd Manó Andresik en
Come early if you want a table! Foursquare - September 2017